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  2. - Improved the ring of wealth for picking up coins. - All revenant weapons will now properly switch to uncharged after uncharging. - Key master who can assign cerberus slayer tasks has been fixed, he will now take the correct amount of coins and assign you the correct task. - You now need to have 75 attack and magic to wield the toxic staff (uncharged) - You now need to be maxedf in order to wear any of the imbued max capes or hoods. - I have changed how the kdb looks at the coordinates to get through the gate, it should now walk you through the gate at any distance. - Vorkath drop table has been completely removed, Reason for troubles with this droptable is because it has its own seperate system, We will try to figure a way where we can implement both systems toghether to show you the droptable fully complete and accurate, it is almost the same as oldschool runescape in drop wise. - Vorkath will no longer take 2 animations to get up -Vasa minirio now has the correct name definition and will announce as a pet drop. - salve amulet and salve amulet (e) value on death has been increased. - You now get more experience from the master farmer. -inferno has had some major upgrades to its overall functionality - Thammaron sceptre now properly transforms from charged to uncharged. -fixed an issue that caused zulrah to not do the correct animation when switching phases -there will now be pj timers, 10 seconds if you are in a middle of a fight or 4 if your fight just ended. -some of you may have noticed a recent issue that came up causing players to remain as a tiny person when teleporting, this is now fixed.
  3. Ready to run shit together! Clan is great, pvm/pk together. Message me in-game if you need anything "Dunce"
  4. ashley

    Update Log 2/15/2020

    excited to see this in play ty
  5. I would like to join- main account name is knightmight6 alt is ohnohunter
  6. Earlier
  7. - Brimstone ring now has the exact osrs stats - Brimstone ring can now be made by using the hydra heart, hydra fang and hydra eye, we have made it so you can use any item on eachother and it will still make the ring. - Brimstone ring has been coded, it will not allow you to get a duplicate, if you have all of the body parts of hydra, it will try not to give you a lot of the same item and still disrepute the items evenly if not perfectly. - Small hydras will now require 95 slayer to attack them. - You can now wear the dragon bolts -presets will now autosave if you change an already saved preset. - Upped the cycle event time for vorkath due to odd players poking and getting more than one vorkath a time. - The revenant rare items (uncharged) should now let you sell them in the trading post, and the onces that are charged will now remain not sellable/marketable. - The revenant rare items that are charged should now be untradeable. - Dwarven rock cake should now allow you to use it in the wilderness -made some adjustments to new poll tab, will be using it a lot more soon! -fixed an issue with not being able to attack pest control portals from a certain spot
  8. ashley

    Collection log Completionist

    This is so beautiful
  9. Hello Everyone! This is my completionist grind where i will try and fill out as much as i can in the collection log while also collecting the pets. It will be updated regularly and i might also post pictures of rare/pet drops in the comment section. Pet Collection Collection Log I. Bosses II. Wilderness III. Raids IV. Minigame V. Clue Scrolls
  10. New Updated List With New Members: Current Member List: Ashley - Owner Dry Guy - Co Owner Hiro- Head Officer Member -Jax Member- Scarr Member- Dunce Member- Zk Main Member- Ironman Member- Extreme M0de
  11. I'd love to go pking/ pvimg with everyone! Been looking for a group of people to raid with since noone is ever down to go with me.
  12. Noah

    Password Recovery - Trout

    Hey Discord me please.
  13. Dry guy here, can't wait to raid and pvm with everyone! Send me a Pm in game if you need help with anything or even just someone to talk to! I will be active everyday and will try to help with anything i can!
  14. ashley

    Rev Drops

    Craw Bow x 1 Themeron Staff x 1 both for sale PM Ashley in Game W offer
  15. ashley

    Update Log 2/11/2019

    Great job Noah!
  16. Really excited to grow: Message if have any questions. Thanks for support
  17. Honestly looks good, love the fact that you may be the start to people starting clans, goodluck.
  18. glad to see a clan finally forming 😄
  19. Would love to join this beautiful clan! 🙂
  20. Gonna be a good clan fellas, looking forward to meeting you all and making memories!
  21. Noah

    Fixing Raid dc

    Issue is fixed now 🙂
  22. welcome all can't wait to raid with all off you or some corps 🙂
  23. Disrespect Rules: Be respectful to all members No begging Do not advertise or attempt to recruit for other clans Adhere to all Sovark rules No PKING Clan Members Have fun Membership Requirement: -Must Be Active -Must Vote Everyday for Sovark How To Join: Message: Ashley or Dry Guy in Game Current Member List: Ashley - Owner Dry Guy - Co Owner Hiro- Head Officer Member -Jax Member- Scarr Member- Dunce What We Can Offer: Life Advice PVP Together Boss Protection Raids Drop Parties Hide N Seek Events Wilderness PVM
  24. ashley

    Sovark Price Guide

    please update with craw bow price ,eldar maul and vigors
  25. - The old imbue dust that was called "vial" on our donator zone has been replaced with the updated item. -improved client security -fixed some major bug issues for background processing -you can no longer safe large npcs with range by just walking under them - the < > keys will now properly display in chat! -skotizo's west and south altar's pathing issue has been fixed -fixed some background errors -RAIDS will now include a new activity! In the room filled with chests, lockpicks will now be spawned on the floor, in order to pass to the next room you must pick up a lock pick and locate which chest is hiding the secret lever. -xp drops for pvp will now display hits instead of xp in all pvp areas -npc animations will no longer get cancelled out by the getting hit animation -added more items to the loot table!
  26. ashley

    Update Log 2/11/2020

    Really excited to see this 🙂
  27. tatos

    Update Log 2/11/2020

    Nice QOL updates thanks!
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