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    1. Starting Tutorial First you're greeted with a very helpful tutorial which teleports you all around the different areas in Sovark! 2. Picking your mode Now we have to pick our game mode, All Rules apply for each respective game mode Iron men: Can't trade or use regular player shops, can't use player owned shops either. Hardcore iron men: The same rules as above but you only have one life, when you die you revert back to a regular iron man. Ultimate Iron men: Same rules as iron man with the added rule of no banking. If you truly want to be an Iron man I suggest heading towards this forum post Iron Man Contests!!! So many prizes. 3. Picking your exp rate + Drop rate You can either choose the standard exp rate or become a true legend and go for 1x Rates with the extra bonus of a huge 15% Drop Rate 4. Starting gear and new player bonuses When you first start you get given a Double exp scroll (Use it wisely) A 200k Exp Lamp which I suggest you either use for prayer or slayer. a Voting Reward Box which can give you some pretty sick loot good luck! 4.5. Remember if you have any question regarding anything just ask in help cc 5. ::vote and voting rewards type ::vote ingame. Voting is an absolute must if you want to progress a lot faster, Not to mention it helps the server out a tonne. The top 3 voters each month also get special rewards as you can see below so remember to vote vote vote !!! Some pretty sick loot if you ask me, 10 vote points give's you a 3 Day Trial Donator Bond! 6. Navigation around Sovark 7. Knowledge base UI A Very helpful monster drop viewer along with some very helpful options like Donator benefits achievements and even a collection log. This pretty much cover's the basics the rest is up to you and your own Journey whether you want to go kill some rock crabs, start slayer or go grind some skills out, the choice is all yours. Just Remember have fun here on Sovark!
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    Update Log 10/10/2019 -ECO RESET (STATS AND ITEMS) -Added absorption fully to the game, ether will now drop on the floor underneath you on deactivation and on activation it will go into your bracelet charge. -Tournament winner will now receive a tournament win that will go onto the hiscores outside the portal along with 2 points going to the tournament shop, the 2nd and 3rd prize will just remain a random amount of coins along with 1 point going to the tournament shop -Modes such as hardcore ironman & ultimate iron & ironman can longer open the trading post. - You can now combine hydra claw with zamorakian hasta to create Dragon Hunter Lance -You can now use the anvil outside of hydra, you will need 15 million coins & hydra leather & a hammer to create ferocious gloves. - You can now use the metamorphosis option on the hydra pets - Ferocious Gloves now have the correct osrs stats and are now weildable. - hydra bone as now been added to the game -added a npc outside of hydra who can assign you a hydra task for a price. -changed the flashing | on the login screen from magenta to blue -usernames will now require 3 character length - Added Alchemic hydra droptable. - dragon hunter lance has now got the correct osrs and is now weildable. - icons are now fully working -removed the previous teleport icon from tele tab -All the new revenant osrs items have been added to every revenant npc, the lower npcs are a lot higher in rarity compared to the higher npcs. - Demonic gorrilas have been completed reworked and will now change ability after 50+ damage has been encountered on them. -fixed the magers in rev caves -fixed south rev cave cave exit -removed blood money from game -added inferno npc
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    With the full release of Sovark starting October 11, 2019 we are going to be running 3 different contests! Check the 3 charts below and choose which one you want to participate in! Please make sure to provide screenshots if you plan on claiming a prize where a screenshot may be relevant! Also, these images will be updated as prizes are claimed! GOOD LUCK! Any form of cheating or players gaining unfair advantages will result in no prize being given. CONTENTS 1.HARDCORE IRONMAN CHALLENGE CHART 2. IRONMAN CHALLENGE CHART 3. REGULAR PLAYER CHALLENGE CHART
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    CONTENTS -1.Normal Mystery Box- -2.Super Mystery Box- -3.Ultra Mystery Box- -4.Vote Streak Chest- 1.Normal Mystery Box 2.Super Mystery Box 3.Ultra Mystery Box 3.Vote Streak Chest
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    Here at Sovark, we will NOT allow others to ruin your gaming experience with us. You are responsible for being aware of the rules. If you are punished, it is under the assumption you have read and agreed to these rules. It's not an excuse to say 'I didn't know that was a rule'. Just because something is not listed in the rules, does not mean you cannot be punished for it. These rules are subject to change without notice, and these rules pertain to in-game. 1. Flaming and Disrespect Throughout the Sovark community, we have a various amount of religious & cultural backgrounds, everyone is entitled to the respect of all members of the community. Members should always follow the Sovark code of conduct. Included but not limited to: Displaying Maturity and handling all seemingly stressful situations accordingly. The sole purpose of this community is the entertainment of our users that we, in turn, wish to provide to everyone that joins us here on Sovark. The discretion of a member that reports another member based on this rule will be handled by the staff member. Remember that members have different types of emotions and may take things differently than what another person may take as a joke. It's your responsibility to watch what you're saying to others, and it's our responsibility to make sure that all members are happy and experiencing an unhindered and fun gameplay experience. With this in mind, we have strict rules against such acts of flaming and disrespect towards community members and we will not tolerate it. 2. Racism and Religious Intolerance Racism and Religious Intolerance found on Sovark will not be tolerated. If you are found being blatantly Racist or religiously intolerant you will be muted. If you continue being racist or religiously intolerant towards others after being unmuted you will be IP-Muted. Racism and Religious Intolerance will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. The Severity of the mute will be determined by our in-game staff. 3. Advertisement Advertising on the Sovark is strictly prohibited, and an automatic ban from the server will be issued. You will not be able to appeal this offence. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message an Administrator for permission to advertise, otherwise, ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same. 4. Spamming Spamming can be from a text (Global Chat - Public Chat - Private Message - Yell), trading, casting spells or anything else flooding the chat up. a. Auto-Typers: If you are using an auto typer, please keep it above 10 seconds per message. b. Trolling or Flaming 5. Punishment Evasion Those who evade their mutes, bans, IP bans to cause more problems after being punished will be dealt with harsher treatment. 6. 3rd Party Software(Botting\Macroing) We will not tolerate cheating of ANY kind on Sovark. Items that are obtained using these means will likely be deleted and removed from the Sovark economy. This includes "Vote Botting" (the use of VPN services to gain excessive votes). Auto clicking is allowed in Sovark as long as you're not "AFK" which means auto clicking and not being at your computer watching. If you're at your computer auto clicking that is allowed, but if you are NOT watching it's a jailable offense. 7. Bug/Glitch Abuse If you find a bug or glitch that could result in a player receiving an unfair advantage (extra resources, faster EXP or item drops, Etc) please report it immediately to our higher level staff, DO NOT report these types of bugs openly as other players may have an opportunity to learn of the glitch/bug and utilize it further. Players caught in violation of this rule or who actively profit or gain from utilizing such glitches/bugs will have their gained resources/EXP or benefits removed from the game and can even be muted or banned entirely depending on the severity of the bug. This is entirely at the staff team's discretion. 8. Player Vs. Player (PvP) THE Sovark Staff WILL NOT be held responsible for members who have been killed or disconnected. Please keep this in mind and enter the wilderness entirely at your own risk. This includes using a familiar to stand on top of players PKing, thieving, or training. a. PVP-Farming will be a permanent ban from the server and no chance of appealing it. b. Requesting a staff member's aid while in the wild to kill them is against the rules. Baiting of any kind to a staff member is not tolerated and will result in the immediate deletion of your characters bank, inventory, AND equipped items. Please respect our staff and allow them to do their jobs without being impeded. c. You are only permitted a Max of 2 accounts in the wild. d. Please do not stand on top of the fights in the wilderness. If you want to watch the fights, please stand to the side and out of the player's way. This includes Dead Man Mode* 9. Requesting from Staff Giving players an unfair advantage over others is not acceptable on Sovark as we strive to provide an equal and fair gaming experience to ALL users. a. Requesting Items b. Requesting a Staff Position 10. Backseat Moderation Please allow our staff to do their job, if you do not agree with the way a staff member is handling a certain situation please come to an upper staff member, be sure to get as much evidence as possible. It is NOT acceptable to openly slander or belittles any staff member of our team publicly. 11. Impersonation a. Staff Impersonation of the staff team IS NOT permitted under any circumstances. If you are EVER in doubt of a player being staff be sure to check our staff listing Here. b. Player Impersonating other players to deface their reputation or gain some type of advantage in-game is NOT permitted. Please do not assume the identity of anyone other than your own character. This is especially true during the use of One Time Passwords. 12. False Reports a. When contacting a staff member with a complaint please verify that you have absolute proof of the rule in question being broken. Please understand that needless reports get in the way of the Sovark staff team helping with legitimate concerns. b. Creating fake evidence i.e telling a player you'll photoshop or edit his chat to get him punished is unacceptable and could be considered as Blackmailing, should you be caught doing this or reported. Think wisely as this rule is not appealable. c. Defamation of a player or staff will not be tolerated. Obsessively stating, IE spamming, that a player had scammed you without sufficient proof will be punished. 13. Scamming When staking, please ensure that all stakes/trades/conversations are recorded as video/gif, using a tool such as ShareX or other video recording tool. This will help the staff team decide the correct course of action to take when asked to review someone being scammed. If someone submits true evidence of a player scamming, the player will receive a one week jail. If the same player then scams again, they will receive a 1 month ban. A third time will result in a permanent ban across all accounts. The punished player will also not be unpunished until the agreed stake has been paid to the scammed player. Staff decisions are final, and staff will not refund any items lost to any player. We advise to always use Middlemen when staking, and following this process will greatly reduce the possibility of being scammed when Staking on Sovark a. Rule switching is not permitted during duels. Video proof is required of this scam in order to have the scammer punished. b. The standard Sovark rules of Flower Poker are Black/White Replant 5, which means if a Black or White flower is planted, then all 5 flowers must be replanted. For a different rule set, both players must explicitly agree on a different rule set for this to be the case. 14. Refunds (Scams, Disconnects etc.) a. Disconnections will not be refunded, feel free to create a thread about it and stating the problem so the problem can be fixed though. b. Donations will ONLY be refunded if he/she has NOT been given their items or position (forums, server) after 48 hours, otherwise, you are donating entirely at your own discretion. Those who lose donation items on the server will not be refunded whatsoever. c. Members who are scammed will NOT be refunded their items. Please take the proper precautions when taking part in trades that may be against Sovark rules as this puts you at greater risk of not only losing your items but having staff action taken against your account. When buying donator status for SPGP, always use a middleman to avoid being scammed. Items/gold will NOT be refunded if you decide to not use a middleman. d. Account Sharing is not of our concern and is not against the rules, those who account share should realize that they are subjecting themselves to a greater risk of having the shared account stolen or traded. You have been warned and do so at your own risk and WILL NOT be reimbursed for any losses or damages that resulted from account sharing. e. If your account is hacked Sovark will be unable to return your items to you, please keep your password safe and ensure you have proper anti-virus and security programs on your PC. The Sovark network is as secure as possible and will not hold any responsibility for hacked or stolen accounts. f. Glitch refunds will ONLY be refunded if the member has 100 percent proof, and has proof of the items prior to the glitch happening. Note that if a developer (or whoever has spawning abilities) does not see the proof to be enough, it can be declined and a refund is entirely at the discretion of Sovark Staff. g. If you have been denied a refund, please do not ask another staff member or the same staff member to make an exception for you. We treat all refunds equally and do not pick favorites. 15. Multilogging The max amount of accounts logged in at the same time is 3, yet you can't use 3 accounts to gain any advantage in a player vs. player situation. 14. Payment Reverals a. Any attempt to reverse a donation will result in your account being mac-banned, no exceptions. b. If you havent recieved any reward for any typeof reason, you are obligated to report it on the forums, if a reversal is made, it can still result in a permant ban.
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