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  1. Divine

    99 Cape Perks

    Very nice!
  2. For a first video not bad! Thank you!
  3. Divine


    Welcome Proxy! We are doing great, glad that you decided to stay with us!
  4. Divine

    Weird Fishing message

    Will get fixed you can post them reports to discord at the moment where Noah can actively check upon them :) Ty!
  5. Divine

    Wilderness Slayer NPC LOCS

    Upon until now had to use osrs map but now its more handy, thanks!
  6. Divine

    Warrior Guild guide (Defenders)

    Simple and easy thank you Rain!
  7. Divine

    Elysian's guide to max

    Legend himself making a guide, i like it man 😛
  8. Divine

    Zach's Hunter Guide

    Very nice :)
  9. Divine

    Blake's Runecrafting Guide

    Simple and easy! Thanks
  10. Divine

    Max Cape Event

    Congratulations to Elysian for reaching maximum total level first!
  11. Divine

    Update Log 7/28/2019

    Looks already so promising!
  12. Divine


    Hello! My name is Meelis im from Estonia and im 21 years old, currently i am an ITsalesman making some cash :D. Looking forward to this servers thrive in future. Nothing cannot be achieved when its done with passion. Yours, Divine.
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