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  1. Coins

    Update Log 12/5/2019

    nice update
  2. Coins

    Danny Pk Intro

    hey danny! glad to see you made a introduction
  3. Coins

    Herblore guide - Bank Less

    nice guide thank you
  4. Coins

    Farming Guide - Bank Less

    nice guide thank you
  5. Coins

    Introducing Dru

    hello and welcome !
  6. Coins

    Coins introduction

    Glad to see you came with us buddy 🙂
  7. Coins

    Coins introduction

    Hello you can call me coins. I'm coming from a server i helped code for 5 months & played for 2-3 years. i went from a regular player to server support up to co-owner, unfortunately my server is being shut down at the end of the month and i need a new home to come on everyday and play. i found this server on rune-server and so im trying it out, i told my friends from my other server to try it out. hope to see you all in game
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