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    Elysian's guide to max

    Elysian's Guide to max using each skill to your advantage to efficiently get max asap So to begin, when you create your account I suggest starting with Thieving as this will get you a lot of cash to provide for other skill's you will make between 8-13M from getting 99 thieving. The second skill following Thieving will be Crafting as it costs money to craft the gems, however you can resell to the store for about 1k profit per gem (Dragonstone) this will make you about 3-5M. Following them two skills the next skill you want to train is mining, and here's where it will help multiple skills, the first thing you do is mine 8-10 tin and copper ores, and from then on wards do mining till 99 (Make sure you bank all the ores you mine) So when you hit 60 mining your going to want to go to the mining guild and mine iron there, there is a bank right next to the iron ores, this will give you all the ores you need to get 99 smithing. So now you have 99 mining, your going to want to train smithing. So now that you have started training smithing, your going to want to create *DART TIPS ONLY* starting with bronze with the 8-10 that you have obtained, then you move on to iron *REMEMBER TO USE RING OF FORGING* So you get 100% of your bars back, now here is the interesting part, before you have even started to smith your bars into dart tips your making progress towards the smither achievement, and when you complete the easy tier you get 300 Mithril bar's, The medium tier 300 Adamant bar's and the hard tier 300 runite bar's this will give u additional XP or you can sell them for a nice profit with all the bars you need to smelt and then make into dart tips you will receive 99 smithing, (only if you banked all your bars) So now your 99 smithing has been achieved you can start working on your next skill instantly, and that is going to be Fletching, (buy feathers from the store for 4 gp each ) and just start clicking away at your Bronze, and iron dart's, also if you smithed all your bars from achievements you can make them too. this method is faster than cutting logs for fletching + it saves you time because u can use the cut logs right away for firemaking So at this point you have a few 99's and there are options on what skill to train next, my personal preference at this stage was to get 99 hunter, because by the time you are 99 hunter you would have a significant amount of chinchompa's (grey, red and black chins) that is going to be used for ranged and maximize your use with them. this will be discussed later on. So after 99 hunter here's where you can stop skilling if you like, or if you want to continue my next path would be to start training, my farming and herblore as these are the two skills that will actually cost you money from the seeds to supplies to make the herbs, I do have a few suggestions regarding how you go about getting 99 herb and farming, so first of all always plant the highest level seed you can until you get up to dwarf weed seed's as there is only a 4k difference in xp from dwarf weed seeds and torstol's (torstols take 2x longer than dwarf weed seeds) second of all if you want the fastest way to 99 herb, use all your previous herbs from lower levels to start getting your herblore up to making irit potions unf, there is 3 potions u can make regarding irits, and you can also buy clean irits from the farming shop. and these are (super attack at lvl 45) Then ( super anti poison at 48) and finally (antidote ++ at lvl 79) However with the dwarf weed's you get you can make ranging potions at lvl 72. my suggestion is to make the antidote ++ at lvl 79 and do that all the way to 99 after you are 99 farming, however if your an ironman you might want to make brew's and restore's (so if you plan to farm all your herbs after 99 use the farming cape to cut the farming time of any seed in half) Will Continue to add to this day by day, including combat and a more in depth slayer guide will follow! hope this has helped you guys!
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    Max Cape Event

    Thank you guys appreciate it
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