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  1. Bank Less

    Update Log 12/19/2019

    Great updates 🙂
  2. Bank Less

    Update Log 12/17/2019

    Nice updates noah 🙂
  3. Bank Less

    Update Log 12/13/2019

    Nice christmas event
  4. Bank Less

    Update Log 12/13/2019

    Nice updates 🙂
  5. Bank Less

    Update Log 12/11/2019

    nice updates
  6. Bank Less

    finally go it :D

  7. Bank Less

    Update log 11/30/2019

    Great updates as usual.
  8. Bank Less

    Update Log 11/27/2019

    Nice updates
  9. Bank Less

    Update Log 11/25/2019

    Raids time 😄
  10. Bank Less

    Update Log 11/24/2019

    Very nice updates.
  11. Bank Less

    Buff revs

    Pvp armour and weapons is already obtained through the wilderness bosses which would devalue them a whole lot if dropped from revenants. Although i do agree with you, there drop table should be changed, as i've afked in revs for 40 minutes before by accident and nobody ever came lol.
  12. Bank Less

    Update Log 10/21/2019

    Nice updates, no more karils grinding for bolt racks!
  13. Bank Less

    Update Log 11/20/2019

    Nice updates glad to see a few suggestions i offered put in!
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