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  1. Update 8/23/2019 -fixed a slayer bug relating to task reset -updated slayer task system -removed torso, barrows gloves, and fighter hat from pc point store -players should no longer be rolled back if I edit their accounts. -adjusted vote box rewards -updated enoch (ticket exchange npc) -removed enoch's message about exchanging tickets -removed gate for chicken/cow area
  2. Noah

    Bug reports

    -ores will get fixed -feathers are available at fishing shop for ironman accounts, but I have no added feathers to iron shop as well. -I will re-evaluate the ironman shop, thanks for the suggestions!
  3. Update Log 8/22/2019 -feathers are now added in ironman shop -updated prices of herblore supplies to act more of a sink for herblore skill -updated auto retaliate system -wogw fixed (again ) -added npc next to ::dz thieving stall -fishing spots should be updated at ::dz and skilling island (beginner side) -added backup system for character files -adjusted raids drop table -Charging trident of the swamp now requires the correct amount of supplies -updated slayer point system to give you more points on consecutive tasks !!! -added new vote system you will now be awarded for voting 7 days in a row. On the 7th vote you will receive a vote key that gives you access to a vote chest. !!!
  4. Update Log 8/21/2019 -fixed an issue where you couldnt walk in certain areas of edgeville -Wildy Slayer Master will know send out message to players about the command ::wildymap which brings up a forum post on wildy slayer monster locations. -added new thieving stall in ::dz -added crush option to elder maul -max hit dummy now works (only found in ::dz) -avas max cape will now keep stats of max cape when converted -crystal chest is now added back to edge (found north of bank) -vorkath has now been made stronger -going up the ladder from edge dung no longer puts you in wrong spot -adjusted max dummy -you can now set traps in the hunter area of ::dz -made karambwan vessel stay full -added karambwan spot in ::dz -added angler fish spot to ::dz -added shark/monkfish spot to ::dz -added dark crab spot to ::dz -fixed an issue with magic trees being unable to be cut from certain spots -object_data.json will no longer appear on your desktop after opening client -gem rocks xp rate has been severely reduced -gem rocks now have a chance at yielding uncut dragonstone and very RARE chance at uncut onyx Note: Fishing spots will be pushed next update, but have already been coded in.
  5. Update Log 8/20/2019 -Updated PvM point system -fixed an issue with getting stunned (should be fully fixed now) -Reworked edge Map -Manually changed all the wrong minimap icons -added chest next to stove in dz as requeted -added boss area in ::dz (still no boss) -adjusted edgeville map area -added leaf b axe drop to kurasks -moved around some npcs in edge
  6. Noah

    Wilderness Slayer NPC LOCS

    Thanks for the guide!
  7. Update Log 8/19/2019 Short list.. but I am back now! So, expect plenty of updates soon! -fixed issue with stunned players (may still need tuning) -slightly adjusted xp rates -barrows drop table fixed, now each piece drops at rate of 1/50 -Only normal accounts can now use pest control shop (non-normals can still upgrade to elite) -fixed portal bug abuse at pest control (quick fixed for now)
  8. Update Log 8/14/2019 -Seers Rooftop working (character still freezes on 1st climb, however you can still click on next one to continue) -Varrock Rooftop working -Ardy Rooftop working -Moved Grace NPC to be closer to home area (by Ironman area) -Added otto next to pvm store (changes spear to hasta) -removed hasta from pvm shop and increased price of spear -hasta will now work normally at corp -Corp can no long be safe-spotted with range -new donor zone is now available! -updated ::dz tele to new donor zone -Minions in GWD have all had their drop table's updated -added warning to Otto, tells you how much to exchange spear/hasta -added new flex shop to donator island ::dz -added new supplies shop, only donors can access at ::dz -added red/black chins hunting spot in ::dz -you can no longer click/interact with the walls found at the skilling island bank! -the "push" option for the ::dz walls is gone
  9. Noah

    Warrior Guild guide (Defenders)

    Great guide man! Will definitely help out new players.
  10. Update Log 8/12/2019 -fixed issue where people were getting wrong donator benefits -cave bugs no longer give pvm points to prevent farming -cave horrors have now been fixed (no more spice sellers) -fixed new player login message -Made it so only regular players can use xp lamps -walls on skilling island will no longer have repair option -added beginner fishing spots to skilling island -changed location of skilling island teleport to be a little closer to beginner side (so new players know its there) -fixed pathing issues in edgeville -fixed pathing issues on skilling island -removed access to inferno (needs work) -Raids Chest rewards are now redone -other minor bug fixes
  11. Noah


  12. Noah

    Elysian's guide to max

    Amazing guide!!! Will be extremely helpful to new players!
  13. Update Log 8/7/2019 1st of all would like to WARN everyone that server will seem a bit off for the next day or two, and by that I mean, a lot of objects/npcs will be wrong or not working. However this sacrifice is for the long term benefit of the server and you will get a lot more content out of this update! -updated to new OSRS data /added 32k clicking -new osrs map areas -new osrs textures -new osrs monsters -new osrs items -new osrs npcs -new osrs animations -new osrs dungeons +more - Added that now Bandos/Armadyl/Zamorakian/Choas Elemental/Kraken boss shows a pet in drop table -wogw working now -fixed issue with some dialogue options not working -adjusted raids so you dont get trapped in a room (hopefully) -fixed version number for client (so it will now tell you when you need to restart client for an update) -quest tab updates automatically -removed refresh button in quest tab -teleport icons are now highlighted (WOOH)
  14. Update Log 8/6/2019 - Added Barrows and Cyclops now gives 1 PVM Point - Fixed Cooking xp - Removed the Skotizo Altar from 22 wild level - Added Zamorakian Hasta to pvm store for 3.5k pvm points - Added Athmestyst Arrows to Ironman Store and also to Range store for 800 coins ea - Changed that now you can sell Dragon Arrows and darts to store "Sell my anything" - Added the row in pvm store for 5k pvm points -added ibans staff to infernal mages (for achievment diary) -changed drop table for crystal key chest -adjusted pvm shop prices -adjusted vote shop prices to compensate for removal of mopar vote -removed the ability to teleport past lvl 30 wild with max cape -removed blocked map on puro puro
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