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  1. Update Log 10/13/2019 -super mystery boxes are now tradeable -removed 2 hours wait time on referrals -full hardcore ironman set has been fixed to the correct osrs stats - can only change ur pass to 15 characters now to prevent people going over. -added the command ::streak to check your slayer streak - added a drop value to the new revenant items and alchemic hydra items -adjusted amulet of the damned on degraded cost - fixed up all revenent items so that it takes ether of you upon attacking npcs, it also will replace ur item with an unifhsed version if the item is empty with no charge, They also have wildy bonuses added to them 50%. - you can now check your charge on the new revenant items. -removed red chins and grey chins from skilling island -fixed an issue where m boxses would announce non-jackpot items -the experience lamp and double xp scroll is no longer tradable -readjusted the bonuses for elysian spirit shield and full justiciar bonuses along with full obsidian set. - braclet of etherium now takes only etherum per attack of a npc. -barecelet of etherium now goes into the correct equipment slot -bracelet of etherium will now grant you immunity whilst wearing it. - dragon claws has been fixed for the tournament system - dragon dagger has been removed and replaced with granite maul for the dharok preset -tournament will now display how many wins you have recieved in total after winning. - if you come 2nd or 3rd it will announce how many tournament points you have. -thammaron sceptre will now let you use magic -thammaron sceptre also now gives 25% magic damage boost when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness -thammaron sceptre also gives an 100% additional magic accuracy -fixed edge dung monkey bars -added gem rocks and more gold ore to skilling island
  2. Noah

    Sovark's Ultimate Beginner Guide

    awesome guide man!
  3. Update Log 10/12/2019 - fixed double ether drop at revs - added a message for when your bracelet automatically picks up your ether on absorption. - Dice should now display your own rolls. - bracelet of etherum now goes into the correct item slot. - prayer cape should now bury bones - fixed mage arena teleport - replaced shayzien assault with recipee for disaster - duel arena teleport is now working - added black chinchompas to the wilderness teleport - teleport lever at edge now teleport you to the correct spot in the wildy - when teleporting back from wilderness teleport lever it will now teleport you to ardounge - ardounge door to the teleport lever now fully works -ardounge lever will now work to the correct teleport spot. -there no longer be a random man npc walking near abyssal demons -added a mithril grapple to both ironman general store and regular general store and buffed its price -Bracelet of ethereum has now been coded so that if your wearing the item, the npcs will no longer be aggresive. -Cyclops in the Catacombs of Kourend will no longer drop Warriors' Guild Tokens -rainbow afro has been removed from hourly reward due to it not being the correct model -varrock agility course has been fixed -added 50% wilderness damage when wearing the new osrs revenant items. -vesta spear should now have a special attack -statius warhammer now has a special attack -added twisted buckler defense -fixed an issue with using double xp scroll on weekend -any player can now plant flowers -mithril seeds price has now risen to 150k -adjusted al kharid rooftop -adjusted varrock rooftop -adjust fally rooftop -gnome agility course will only give xp on last obstacle now to prevent xp abuse -barbarian course will only give xp on last obstacle now to prevent xp abuse -made the starting dialouge for picking which xp mode you want extremely clear as to what youll get yourself into -adjusted seers rofoftop -removed pollnivneach course
  4. Update Log 10/11/2019 -updated all mystery boxes to fix an issue with it telling you that a spin is currently active. -toxic staff is now sellable and tradeable. -saradomin blessed sword now has the correct item requirements and is now tradeable. -arcane and dexterous scrolls should now be working fine -pest control now refreshes your health, special attack, prayer upon leaving or completing pest control. - All the beta items from the betabox are now untradeable. -Only normal mode will get an experience lamp on starter kit. -A voting global message will now display every 15 total votes on the game, the 15th voter will recieve a crystal key. -fixed rev drop rates -fixed people getting items outside of tournaments -slightly adjusted a few xp rates (farming, thieving, hunter) -sell all should now be an option -crystal shield now now be wieldable -fixed several objects which had issues being interacted with unless at a close distance -removed talk option from makeover mage, only makeover option now -fixed issue with chivalry and piety prayers sending out a wrong message about requirements for the prayers. -gargoyles drop tabled has been improved -items will now flash transparent when you click on them, just like osrs -fixed a fishing spot to correctly display the correct type of net you need -adjusted falador and varrock agility rooftop courses -vote box now cost 2 vote tickets -added a message that stops players from using double xp scroll on bonus xp weekend -added a new command called ::outlast that will tell you to tourney portal area -respond with the most random emoji you can think of if you read all the way to this point -added a second tourney server message notifying players tourney will start soon -reduced hydra's special attack hits -hydra should now drop items after death
  5. Update Log 10/10/2019 -ECO RESET (STATS AND ITEMS) -Added absorption fully to the game, ether will now drop on the floor underneath you on deactivation and on activation it will go into your bracelet charge. -Tournament winner will now receive a tournament win that will go onto the hiscores outside the portal along with 2 points going to the tournament shop, the 2nd and 3rd prize will just remain a random amount of coins along with 1 point going to the tournament shop -Modes such as hardcore ironman & ultimate iron & ironman can longer open the trading post. - You can now combine hydra claw with zamorakian hasta to create Dragon Hunter Lance -You can now use the anvil outside of hydra, you will need 15 million coins & hydra leather & a hammer to create ferocious gloves. - You can now use the metamorphosis option on the hydra pets - Ferocious Gloves now have the correct osrs stats and are now weildable. - hydra bone as now been added to the game -added a npc outside of hydra who can assign you a hydra task for a price. -changed the flashing | on the login screen from magenta to blue -usernames will now require 3 character length - Added Alchemic hydra droptable. - dragon hunter lance has now got the correct osrs and is now weildable. - icons are now fully working -removed the previous teleport icon from tele tab -All the new revenant osrs items have been added to every revenant npc, the lower npcs are a lot higher in rarity compared to the higher npcs. - Demonic gorrilas have been completed reworked and will now change ability after 50+ damage has been encountered on them. -fixed the magers in rev caves -fixed south rev cave cave exit -removed blood money from game -added inferno npc
  6. Noah

    New Moderator

    Congratulations to Sassy on moderator! Very deserving of this position! Thanks for all the effort you have put in thus far, look forward to having you on the team. And for those of you wondering why sassy got the mod position, the past several weeks Sassy has put an extreme amount of effort to help out the server, including constant feedback for in-game content and constant suggestions to improve the game, as well as going out his way to organize youtubers and creating agendas, all this without even asking. Thanks sassy and welcome!
  7. Update Log 10/9/2019 -All mystery boxes are completely fixed up to set your spinsto true after exit. -vials setting will now save upon logging out. -You can now toggle your etherum bracelet absorption on and off -Your etherum bracelet will now stop the effect of the bracelet if you are wielding it and it has 0 etherum charges. -Your Etherum bracelet will now only let you wear it if it has atleast 1 charge. -Dice bag has been fixed. -Trading post no longer has the item bug. -Updated Mystery Boxes to prevent future bugs -Chance of pet drops have been re-looked at. -typing a command or into clan chat will no longer close interfaces -the info tab has been updated (bottom right moneybag/search icon) -venom will now display hits -weilding staffs will now correctly display your combat -updated hardcore ironman to access same features as normal ironman -added extreme to hiscores -added other sets for tourney system -improved tourney system drop table -improved inventory after you get a kill in tounrey system
  8. Update Log 10/7/2019 -10/8/2019 -Ahrims staff can now be used for auto casting. -Void Mace can now be used for auto casting. -Obisidan armour has been completed buffed and should have the effect on all combat style npcs now. - Mystery boxes, Ultra Mystery Boxes + will now have view loots that should now send you to the forums to view their loots. - Ultra Mystery Boxes & Regular mystery box & Super Mystery box will have the option to quick-open the box for a faster reward. -All mystery box spinner exit buttons will now properly stop you if your spin is active. -Champions cape is now wearable -We have added 4 new cosmetics to the ultra box and donation store such as Attacker icon, Defender icon, Healer icon and collector icon. -Vesta spear and vesta longsword now degrade and can buy back for 12.5m coins -Vesta spear and vesta longsword now have the proper animation and special bar -Recipe of disaster mini-game is now working. -Added listing donator benefits, +1 listing for each rank upgrade. -dice bag now has an animation roll -dice bag now tells you the roll above the head -You will no longer be able to plant a flower over a flower -auto retaliate will now work correctly -made bolt racks more common from karils -hardcore ironman has been added to the hiscores logout -Tournament cup has been added (still needs finishing touches) -added a new command "::vials" that will allow you to turn off/on vial breaking after the last sip of a potion -Fixed revenent healing. -collection logs have now been added to the game, they can be accessed by going to the moneybag/search icon in the botom right and clicking on view collection log -there will now be a 10 second countdown at the start of a tournament -the hunter and cooking xp bugs have now been fixed -a trading post glitch has been patched -you can now drop items while in a tourney -You should now be able to charge your bracelet up with ether everytime you attack a revenant npc your ether will go down by 1 every hit, if you have no ether remainding you will now be able to attack a revenant with it equipted -You can now check how much etherum you have in your bracelet by clicking the item option "check" on the bracelet. -updated some of the global news messages -updated a bunch of item configs to correctly display the item name. -removed view loots on vote box -added bank chest next to tournaments -added a new item called "Break Vial Instructions" which can be found in the slayer shop, this items when used allows you to access the command ::vials which enables or disables smashing a vial after last sip
  9. Noah

    Requesting Ult Ironman Rank

    Will update now.
  10. Update Log 10/6/2019 -Buffed revenant drops as they where a little low -Rune dragons and adamant dragons now have the correct osrs droptable -Rune dragons and adamant dragons are now on the correct sides -Lithkren Vault is now been added to the teleports on monster tab Jump pillar at revenant caves have all been improved with a different code to help prevent people from getting stuck. -Theiving stalls now have a distance of 1 to stop you theiving it from far distances on click -fixed morrigans coif -added new m box -fixed npcs not showing up -fixed agility rooftop courses -Sharks will no longer go to ground in Outlast. -After Outlast is over you will return to your original spellbook -The winner of outlast will now correctly be announced -You will no longer be allowed to use protection prayers in Outlast -Dice Bag has been updated to a newer sprite -::dice area has been fixed to allow dicers to plant flowers -general vps maintenance to improve efficiency for Aaron and I -each mystery box will now do the spin interface -reply with your fave emoji if you read this -mystery box prices have been raised, also a low tier mystery box was added -prayer bank glitch fixed
  11. Update Log 10/5/2019 -Removed mummy and ankou from the game completely to make the items more rare/valuable and obtained through other methods -bracelet of ethereum is now wearable -Revenants now have a change in drop table along with more aggresive -A Jewelry Oven has been added to skilling zone to make Rings, Necklaces and Amulets. -rooftop courses have been adjusted to allow for smoother laps -scroll bars will now remember their position based on what bank tab you are in -scroll bars will now be set at the top when opening a new interface -teleport interface will no longer teleport you to the wrong teleport because of it showing a ghosted page -survival tournaments have been added to the game! (will see a better description of this later) -fixed some issues with dz boss animations -added new tournament portal to edgeville
  12. Noah

    RGN Z

    Hey Z! Look forward to seeing you around man!
  13. Update Log 10/3/2019 - 10/4/2019 - Vesta, zuriels, morrigans and statius now have the correct item status. - Gambler Shop at both duel arena and gamble area, it has a new npc there called gamble shop that will supply you with gambling items. -fixed being able to spam welcome message -changed the release date from Oct 5 to 11 in player messages -karambwan vessel has been changed to the correct id for the fishing shop -You can not exit and enter the south rev exit/entrance cave. -double experience scroll from starter kit will now have timers telling the new player how long left till his double experience scroll is left. -Imbuedifier has been added to the itemdefinition so that it can be looked up on the droptables. -Third age equipment such as skilling items and combat items have been changed to the correct level requirements. -Imbuedifier has been changed from stackable to non-stackable and can not be equipped. -Raids has been updated to help prevent bugs (may still have some issues) This is a quick fix until we completely finish a redesign of the whole raids system -updated the new player account creation system, will now ask if you want to have extreme or regular rates -updated the opening vote chest server message -updated 10 day vote key reward message, telling you key is in bank -added ::contest command
  14. With the full release of Sovark starting October 11, 2019 we are going to be running 3 different contests! Check the 3 charts below and choose which one you want to participate in! Please make sure to provide screenshots if you plan on claiming a prize where a screenshot may be relevant! Also, these images will be updated as prizes are claimed! GOOD LUCK! Any form of cheating or players gaining unfair advantages will result in no prize being given. CONTENTS 1.HARDCORE IRONMAN CHALLENGE CHART 2. IRONMAN CHALLENGE CHART 3. REGULAR PLAYER CHALLENGE CHART
  15. Update Log 10/1/2019 - 10/2/2019 - Fixed donator zone farming patch. - Reorganized the general store. - Added a herblore shop to the decant npc. - Added an option to both vote tickets and pkp tickets, you can now use the exchange option to convert it from being a ticket into a point. -You will now be able to scroll through the recent page on the trading post to see more recent items. -Presets have been fully coded but will only be released on the 5th of october. -added raids count to the quest tab -removed a useless npc at hutner zone -removing trading post npcs (for now until bug is fixed) will be back soon -added the Sovark "S" Icon as our Client Logo -removed duel arena restrictions on accounts with less then 1 day played - Price guide command ::pg has been added a quick link to the forum guide. - Duel arena messages have been fixed. - Added damage bonus to the obsidian armour set. - Purchased scrolls from the store will now go in your inventory but the command has a slot blocker incase you dont have free inventory space. - Defensive magic has been added. - Fixed up dark relic so it deletes the relic once you have used it on a skill instead of just opening. - Dark relic has been increased from 200k xp to 250k xp. - Dark relic will no longer require a gamemode, all gamemodes can use the relic as its only obtained by raids. - Fixed all zulrah pet item ids so that it cannot glitch once on metamorphasis -trading post has been updated to remove some potential dupes -statius set has been completed fixed, will now go into the correct item slots along with the correct item bonuses. -vesta and statius weaponry is coded into the game -Vesta set has been fully completed fixed, will now go into the correct item slots along with the correct item bonuses. -Morrigans set has been fully completed fixed, will now go into the correct item slots along with the correct item bonuses. -Zurielsset has been fully completed fixed, will now go into the correct item slots along with the correct item bonuses. -Viggora's chainmace has been completely added to the game -Thammaron's sceptre has been completely added to the game -Craw's bow has been completely added to the game -Added check charges system for ether to all the new revenant osrs items. -fixed not being able to set traps in new hunter area -updated UIM to have equal access to shops as ironman do. -changed starter interface game mode selection text (None was changed to normal to be more clear) -rune pouches now have the correct sprite image
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