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  1. -you can now properly change your settings for attack preferences for right click or left click npc's -the text for wildy event in the quest tab will no longer say "Active [event name here]", instead it will now just say the event name while it is active and the time until the event when it is not active. - Added superior crushed dragon dust to the game so that you can make super antifire potions with them, also along the side of making antifire we had to then place the crushed dragon dust to vorkath droptable. - Added Super Anti-Venom to the shop along with Super antifire potion (antifire potions need a little work currently.) - Super antifires can now be created using antifire potion and Superior crushed dragon dust. -outlast will no longer spam you with trying to put items in a full inventory -::mbox will now open the loot table interface - Ring of suffering (i) now has the correct recoil effect added. - Overloads have been fixed, mixing them in different versions such as overload (1) with overload (2) should no longer glitch. - Mage Arena npcs will now give pvm points. -the collection log will now properly track the amount of clues you have opened -raids will give your xeric's cape on the correct count, previously it was 1 off. -chop willow logs for falador diary should now work. -mine some gems from a gem rock at falador should now work as a diary. - Buying barrows gloves for the diary achievement on lumbridge and draynor will no longer exist due to it being removed ages ago, we have replaced it with a woodcutting diary. - Health regeneration should now stop if you are 99 health, this should prevent your health going to 100 on odd occations. - previously if you left your client on the login screen, it would sometimes cause I rise in cpu usage (this was due to how the background was previously coded since it used to be a gif), this is no longer an issue -You will no longer have to re-click the checkmarks on the login screen in order for you to save details, as long as they are checked it will actively check changes made in your username and password. -A possible fix for dcing between raids room has been implemented -when teleporting to edgeville some users have reported issues with getting kicked, although we are unable to replicate this issue, we implemented a possible fix -fixed an issue with the first custom preset being unable to be deleted -the bank has been completely re-coded in order to act similar to how it would in OSRS, some of these changes include: -the infinite tab will now display every other tab -previously the bank was able to hold 350 items EACH tab, it now holds only a combined 450 items. -donator ranks will now have extra bank space, +15 slots every donator tier. -dragging and dropping items in bank has been updated -changed the color of the achievement symbol to purple to differentiate it from diaries -changed the picture in the coin tab that represented presets, it will now display similar to how you see it in the bank
  2. CONTENTS-1.CALENDAR- -2.HOW DOES IT WORK?--3.RULES- -4.CHALLENGE LIST AND DETAILS- HOW DOES IT WORK? Sovark will be giving away a total of $1500 cash for the month of February! In this giveaway you have a chance to win EVERY SINGLE DAY as long as you have completed the challenge for that day. For example: Day 4 says to complete 15 Hard slayer assignments, meaning, all you have to do for that day is 15 hard assignments and you will be added to the list of names eligible to receive the reward for that day! Want to know how many people have already entered for that day? All you have to do is talk to a NPC (not available until February 1, 2020) in Edgeville who will bring up an interface which will show you some info about the contest: who has already entered, who was the last winner, what the challenge for that day is, and your progress for that day. If you are a lucky winner you will have the option of choosing $50 cash or a $75 in-game value. RULES 1. Only 1 MAC/IP Address is eligible to enter each day but a player can win multiple challenges. 2. The winner must be able to accept PayPal or BTC if they choose the cash option, no exceptions. 3. If a challenge is abused by a significant amount of players, meaning players have figured out ways to gain an unfair advantage (this will be decided by Aaron and I), we will cancel the challenge for that day and re-schedule an additional day that goes into the month of March 2020 meaning no winner will be chosen for that day. 4. All Sovark rules apply and if you are found breaking any you will be blacklisted from entering the contest. (After the month you will be taken off the black list allowing you to participate in future events.) 5. Prizes will be given out to winners within roughly 3 days or less. If the winner has not made any effort to provide details for BTC or Paypal by March 3, 2020, they will no longer be able eligible to claim their prize. 6. Additional Rules may be added at any time during the contest. CHALLENGE LIST AND DETAILS DAY 1: WIN AN OUTLAST TOURNAMENT Get 1st place in an Outlast tournament. DAY 2: OBTAIN 5 WILDY KEYS Participate in any Wildy Event and do enough damage to get a key 5 times. DAY 3: GAIN 400 PEST CONTROL POINTS Play Pest Control and gain 400 pest controls points that day (previous points will not count). DAY 4: COMPLETE 15 HARD ASSIGNMENTS Complete a hard slayer assignment given from Nieve. DAY 5: CUT DOWN 1500 MAGIC LOGS Collect 1500 Magic Logs from a Magic tree. DAY 6: KILL 200 BARROWS BROTHERS Kill a total of 200 Barrows Brothers (does not have to be the same brother and previous kills do not count) DAY 7: GET 5 KILLS IN WILDY 5 PVP kills in wilderness (to prevent farming, you can not kill the same person over and over again AND we have added other measures which we will not discuss here to prevent abuse.) DAY 8: WIN AN OUTLAST TOURNAMENT Get 1st place in an Outlast tournament. DAY 9: COMPLETE 10 RAIDS Complete 10 Raids. DAY 10: WIELD A DRAGON DEFENDER Wield a dragon defender, if you already have one, you do not have to re-obtain it. Just wield it. DAY 11: BURY 500 DRAGON BONES Bury 500 Dragon bones (will only count if challenge is active) DAY 12: HAVE 126 COMBAT Have 126 combat, if you already have it, you will be automatically entered on login. DAY 13: COMPLETE A 63 WAVE FIRE CAPE Go to Fight Caves and choose the "63 wave" option (this option also has a bonus chance at getting Jad pet) DAY 14: KILL 300 REVS IN WILDY Kill 300 Revenant Monsters in the wildy Rev caves. Any of them will count as a kill. (previous kills will not count) DAY 15: WIN AN OUTLAST TOURNAMENT Get 1st place in an Outlast tournament. DAY 16: GAIN 15,000 EXCHANGE POINTS Go the Fire of Exchange located between the Edgeville general store and PvM hut and burn enough items to add up to 15,000 exchange points. (Previous points will not count) DAY 17: KILL 30 WILDY BOSSES Kill 30 Wildy Bosses total including: The Chaos Fanatic, The Crazy Archaeologist, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet’ion, Scorpia, and Chaos Elemental. (Previous kills will not count) DAY 18: OBTAIN 5 WILDY KEYS Participate in any Wildy Event and do enough damage to get a key 5 times. DAY 19: COMPLETE 3 HARD ACHIEVEMENTS Must have at least 3 hard achievements completed. Previous completed achievements will count for this. DAY 20: CATCH 150 BLACK CHINCHOMPAS Catch 150 Black Chinchompas (Donator Zone Black Chinchompas will count) DAY 21: GAIN 1000 PVM POINTS Kill any npc and gain 1000 PVM points that day (previous points will not count). DAY 22: WIN AN OUTLAST TOURNAMENT Get 1st place in an Outlast tournament. DAY 23: PARTICIPATE IN 4 OUTLAST TOURNAMENTS Every kill you get in Outlast will count as 1 participation point. DAY 24: WIELD FULL ELITE VOID Wield full elite void, if you already have it, you do not have to re-obtain it. Just wield it. DAY 25: KILL ZULRAH 50 TIMES Kill Zulrah 50 Times (Previous kills do not count) DAY 26: KILL HUNLLEF 3 TIMES Kill Hunllef 3 times (Previous kills do not count) DAY 27: KILL 30 GODWARS BOSSES OF ANY TYPE Kill any of the 4 Godwars Bosses for a total of 30 kills. (Previous kills will not count) DAY 28: HAVE 2000+ TOTAL LEVEL Have a 2000+ total level. DAY 29: WIN AN OUTLAST TOURNAMENT Get 1st place in an Outlast tournament.
  3. -hydra and demonic gorillas will now work with collection log - fixed the expert chopper achievement - Magic fang should now announce on the global drop announcements. - Presets on the quest tab section should now fully work and let you access all the features on there. -the drop table viewer will no longer cause any lag spikes. -adjusted pathing so npcs will not start moonwalking. -shops will now have an infinite supply and will not show any number next to them (this is to make it more aesthetically pleasing and not just see 10,000 spammed everywhere when you open a shop) -an issue that caused you to lose items when using presets have been fixed - Diarys are now default red when not completed, they will then turn green upon completing that diary. - When completing the entire diary set it will now globally announce it to the server. - When having no inventory space in and having the effect of the ring of wealth but not weilding it, it will now properly close of and not send any messages. - Ring of wealth for tokkul has been fixed up slightly as if you had no inventory room it wasnt checking for the tokkul being in your inventory. - you can now enchant dragon bolts to dragon bolts (e) - Gharrock teleport diary for the wilderness section was removed due to that not being a teleport anymore. - Get a task from nieve, wearing full void melee has now been fixed. - pray at the alter with chivalry active at the church (Ardougne), has been fixed for the diarys. - Avan who sells you the attractor for the diarys will now count towards that diary. - Sedridor is now placed outside the wizard tower for the diary. -Kill some terrorbirds has been removed from the diary entry due to the fact that they arent in western area. -you can now check the collection log for your clue scroll progress -the xerics drop table for the loot table interface will now open -drop table interface will now load up a default monster instead of the ugly looking adamant darts -The rune lite client has been intergrated with Sovark, this feature may or may not be included in this update
  4. - Added ::skull so you can now easily just make it so that you are skulled. - you should now be able to pickup the ether from the revenant weapons from the victim you kill in the wilderness. -quest tab has had a fresh re-design - fixed the fremennik kilt item requirements - Well of goodwill will now display the correct 1.5x experience instead of 2x experience. - Vorkath is now a slayer task. - Blue dragons should now count towards killing vorkath and vice versa -skotizo will now count as a demon -moved crystal seed trader to elf warrior area -removed prestige shop -removed town crier from edgeville
  5. Noah

    Update Log 1/1/2020

    - Craw's bow (u) should no longer let you put under 1000 etherium at the very start, Therefore you shouldnt see - 1000 or -800 ether when operating the weapon to check for charges. -rooftop agility courses will now give the correct amount of xp for extreme mode. - Removed a very old kraken from the game. - Fire giants were removed from wilderness slayer task - Crystal halberd has been reduced from being 25m to now just 10m. - Fixed both pet metamorphs for the kalphite pets, it will now properly metamorph and let you pick it up. - Kalphite princess metamorphis will now have both of their indivdual item pet models. -added a new interface thats show the loot table for chest/mystery boxes, it can be found in the cash bag/magnifying glass tab
  6. - Granite peices should no longer show up in the global drop announcements. - Random event interface now displays the correct message. - All crystal halberds are now weildable - Earth warriors now have a droptable -added sinew to ironman shop - You can now attach an overload (1) with another overload (1) to make overload (2) - Adjusted the ring of recoil method, it now resets the hits damage back to 0 before sending the message - Fixed some url links such as ::forums, and ::Vote will no longer appear twice. - Dragon Knifes axes have been given the correct osrs stats- - Dragon Knifes are now wearable and have the correct item requirements - Hydra now has a complete droptable. - Thammaron staff is now fixed, it will now only autocast modern spellbook, its disabled for ancients and ofcourse lunars. - Both bridges at neitnizot are now crossable. -tab to reply will no longer send to the wrong person -the slayer interface has been completely updated -added more logs so we can track player activity better -Hunllef will now be instanced
  7. - Fixed a kraken issue where it would only look for "cave kraken" and not kraken in general. - Made the small hydras in the cave actually attackable. - Made the small hydras have a npc config name so that global drops can be announced of them. - Made it so that you can climb the rocks at hydra cave to get to the small hydras. -When loading the client you may have noticed it loads up to 41% and gets stuck for a few seconds, with this update you should experience faster loading. -The clan chat bug that showed multiple users appearing in the clan chat has been fixed -You will now be able to show off your donator rank alongside your account type rank -fixed the issue with combat xp drops not calculating correctly
  8. -currently when you attempt to deposit your equipment and then inventory too quickly, one cancels out the other and only 1 action happens. You should now have immediate feedback from both clicks allowing you to quickly store your inventory/equipment quickly. -you will no longer get ghost xp when doing things like barraging for a long time or making darts. -the teleport interface will no longer have a delay between clicking categories or get stuck on a category. -the inventory glitch that caused you to visually see random items should no longer happen. This is difficult to replicate so more testing may be needed. - Thammaron staff no longer requires 60 cooking and now requires 60 magic. - Raids keys should now go to your bank if you have no inventory space. -the herblore store prices have been updated -some things in herblore store have been removed since the were irrelevant to that type of store -wyvern shield will now be in general store -updated some prices on potions -increased amount of rune essence in shops -when you load a preset it will also now close all windows - Disabled mage arena points message + points as there is no use for them at the moment. - Rune javelins have been added to the range shop - Alchemic hydra now requires the correct 95 slayer level. -vote crystal will now come up when you search for it in your bank -dragon chain body will no longer appear in drop announcements -when searching for a item in Trading Post then buying the item, it will no longer redirect you back to the recent listings, It should stay on the page you searched for. - Fixed hiscores command -If you exit your client instead of logging out, you will now properly x-log if under attack. - Corporeal beast shortcut just moves you to the other side depending on what side you are on, this should fix things such as getting stuck half way crawling and possible visual glitches occurring. - assembler max cape now has the max cape feature (teleport toggles etc). - Elemental shield can now also be bought in the general store. -fixed issue with vote command
  9. -issue with vote command was fixed -lz mining area has been updated after a few suggestions -you should now get xp for killing the superior nech -fixed issue with kodai insignia being unable to be used on master wand -attempting to dismantle avernic will no longer crash the client -updated raids reward text -removed some text about blood money from skilling in wild - Raids monster should no longer drop raw anglerfish, it has now been corrected to cooked. - Achievement rewards has been redone, it will now send items to your inventory if you have atleast 3 inventory slots, if you dont it will just automatically send items to your bank. -previously using a command that opened a webpage would make it so you couldnt use that command again, this is no longer an issue. -special attack orb will now update even when a non-spec weapon is wielded. -selecting clear chat history on your private settings will now clear your private chat. -when using barrage on npcs, all npcs who are hit, rather then just the 1 you are focused on, will aggro to your character. -you no longer require 2 inventory spaces to get a key from raids - Added 3 more options to the key master, he can now assign a cerberus task for 8m but gives high quantity of task amounts, he also has the slayer shop and reward system on him.
  10. -Thammaron sceptre now requires 60 magic - removed crystalline keys from drop announcements - Removed leaf-bladed sword from drop accouncements - Removed both dragon plateskirt and dragon platelegs - Added lucky impling to donator zone. -fixed an issue with some commands not working - Glory should now stop you from teleporting and using your charges when teleblocked. - Void knight mace should now count as a staff - added two banks near the legendary zone mining area - the unnoteable issue should no longer spam you as often or not at all. - Created a dark warrior droptable. - Looting bags will no longer appear in droptables and will be dropped based of your territory that your in. - A rare announcement will come up when using your raids key on the chest. - Achievement rewards should now just go directly to your bank just to be safe -pest control portals can now be attacked from any side -NHing pathing should feel much smoother now
  11. - Added a christmas elf at home, you will be able to speak to her and she will ask you if you would like to help her out. - Slaying the npcs at the christmas event will give you 1 - 2 christmas points that you will be able to spend in the christmas shop. - Added the lava maze teleport to the wilderness section. - run energy glitch should now be completely fixed and cap at 99. - you can now type "/" in the clan chat -hydra instance will now properly reset, should have no more issues with the spout mechanics -previously, some npcs would force you to run to the east side of them even when the path of least resistance was otherwise, this is no longer the case -an issue with inferno boss where you cant attack it from the right side is now fixed -the Fremennik mining area is now accessible -fishing spots will no longer be able to be walked on -pathing has been improved - Fixed a few commands that you can view on the commands list. - Updated the commands list and some of the descriptions. - Rock cake guzzle will now take 10% of your hitpoints just like osrs, if you are on 1hp it will stop you. -shades attack/def stats were raised to be more accurate to osrs -the crystalline rat can now be attacked -the crystalline dragon will now count as a dragon for the dragon hunter crossbow -clicking on trading post guy will no longer force you to one side -bone crusher can now be worn
  12. Noah

    Quite possibly the best movie ever created

    best worst movie ever
  13. Noah

    Zunga (its a rope swing)

    Glad that Sovark fit what you are looking for!
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    Howdy there!

  15. - cave kraken has been slightly adjusted on slayer due to some people not being able to hit them - Third age plateskirt will now correct appear as its name. - Freminnik kilt will now correctly appear as its own name and have stats. - Varrock castle yew trees should now work and it should also fix the diary - We know how fustrating it can be when you only have 1 computer and have a bank pin but dont want it coming up 24/7 on login, so we created it so that if your mac address has never changed it will no longer pop up even with the bank pin unless that mac address changed. - If you somehow can attack kraken with melee, it should now detect it and tell you you can only do use mage and magic and disable you attacking it with melee - Earth warriors should now give pvm points - Cyclops should now give pvm points - brutal black dragon should count towards task such as kbd + black dragon -clicking on the enchant bolt spell will now send you a message letting you know to just use the normal enchant spells. -some npc's in catacombs will no long be aggressive -Extreme accounts can now revert back to normal by talking to Adam in the Ironman area. -fixed an issue that allowed players without the correct lvl requirement to join a raid -removed abyssal head from drop announcements -edgeville has had a slight christmas make over -mystery boxes have been adjusted, instead of there being single barrows pieces you will now get full barrows sets. Also, some items have been removed from each tier. ::mbox will be updated some time in the next 24 hours from this log.
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