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    Sovark Price Guide

    Looks good 🙂
  2. Sassy

    99 Cape Perks

    Attack - Free Access to Cyclops. ( No Tokens Required) Strength - N/A Defence - Works as a Ring of Life. Ranged - Acts as a Avas Accumulator. Magic - N/A Runecrafting - N/A Hitpoints - N/A Agility - Reduces weight. Herblore - N/A Theiving - Double Seeds from Master farmer. Crafting - Unlimited Tps to Crafting guild. Fletching - N/A Slayer - N/A Hunter - N/A Smithing - N/A Mining - Double ores/gems. Fishing - N/A Cooking - Impossible to burn any food. Firemaking - N/A Farming - Patch times are halved. If you know of any N/A 99 capes please comment below and i will update it. Thanks Once i get confirmation of the Max Cape Perks i will also add them to this post!
  3. Sassy

    Wilderness Slayer NPC LOCS

    Please note that the following Npc's are located in Edgeville Dungeon: - Black Demons - Earth Warriors -
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