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  1. Aaron

    Update log 11/30/2019

    Update log 11/30/2019 - You can now only plant mithril seeds if the dice bag is in your inventory. - Raids enterance is fixed, the correct requirements for the door are correct, but if you have the total level and it says that you havent, you most likely have to logout to update your characters total level if you just recently got it. - Godwars kc for donator benefits has now been fixed - Perdu will no longer let you use crystal seed on him, there is now a crystal seed trader at the side of the pvm shop, if you have a seed in your inventory it will bring up a dialogue . - When speaking to crystal seed trader it will now display his correct name. - Elf warriors and archers will now drop the cadarn lineage, it can be used on the crystal seed trader at home by simply using the book on the npc to charge your crystal bow for some coins. - Zulah helms (ie: Magma helm, Serpentine Helm) are now untradeable when charged. - Zulah helms (ie: Magma helm, Serpentine Helm), when charged it will now bring up a dialogue when dropping them asking you to destroy it, when destroying it, it will prevent a bug from happening that and now reset your charges in that helm upon destroying. - Light ballista has now been removed to the super mystery box - Fixed an issue with outlast that caused players to dc - Helms such as tanzanite, serpentine and magma helm can only be exchanged on the uncharged vesions on the fire of exchange - Kodai wand can now be exchanged on the fire of exchange - You can now also use the avernic hilt on the fire of exchange - Justiciar set has been added to fire of exchange - Ancestral set has been added to fire of exchange - Key master teleport should now just restart the instance of cerberus upon clicking it. - Added vorkath droptable, bare in mind this only displays very_rares and some rare items, because of how big of how big its drops are we cant add all but we might add more on it in the future. - You can now create the dragonfire ward shield by combining the skeletal visage and anti-dragon shield. - Redwood logs can now be fletched into arrowshafts - You can now firemake with redwood logs - Experience for osrs on lamps have been changed - Dark beast doors in taverly dungeon are now fixed
  2. Aaron

    Sovark Gameplay Guide!

    Very well detailed guide, thanks for making the effort to help the community out.
  3. Aaron

    Update log 11/16/2019

    reload ur launcher.
  4. Aaron

    Update log 11/16/2019

    Update log 17/11/2019 - Quest tab will now say "Rank" instead of "Player Rank" - Fixed the wildy boss message from spamming - ::barrows teleport has been fixed - Light ballista has now got the correct item requirements - Heavy ballista has now got the correct item requirements - Fury ornament kit has been decreased in the vote shop. - Raids command has now got a wildy level checker when tping. - Cancelling a slayer task should now work for all gamemodes now. - Prayer scrolls are now fully working again. - Kodai wand can now be created using a master wand + kodai insignia or you can use the opposite way around. - The reason the bank and prestets had like a 0.8 second delay was because of a new system we added to prevent people cheating with interfaces, we have lowered the delay massively and you should no longer notice a delay if you havent already. - A bunch of items was removed out of the "received a drop announcement" that shouldnt of been there. - Changed Kree'arra attack and defence bonus to make it a better experience killing the boss and should hopefully be better for you guys. - Changed general graardor attack and defence bonus to make it a better experience killing the boss and should hopefully be better for you guys. - Added bracelet of etherium uncharged to the game and item definitons - Bracelet of etherium charged has been swopped for uncharged on the drop table of revenants - You cant wear uncharged bracelet anymore instead of it just saying you cant wear it if its got no ether for the charged one. - Removed all the options of uncharged bracelet and added dismantle option. - When charging ur uncharged bracelet of etherium with ether, it will turn your bracelet into charged. - Dismantling your uncharged bracelet is now possible, you can now dismantle it for 250 ether and 50,000 coins. - When uncharging your bracelet of etherium it will now take your ether out and give you an uncharged version. - When using up all of your charges, on the bracelet of etherium, it will swop the item out for an uncharged version. - Bracelet of etherium should no longer go into negative numbers on ether, should just instantly switch to the uncharged version. - Improved the price of : Green dragonhide, Blue dragonhide, Red dragonhide, Black dragonhide as they were only 20gp. - The slayer task point system has been redone, including consecutive tasks - You will now get messages about any extra points you get for consecutive tasks (or slayer donor benefits) for slayer tasks. - Changed firecape in stock for shop item to 10 as it was at 1 for some odd reason. - Added a reset lamp to vote shop. - We have added a reset lamp that opens the same interface as what a relic or experience lamp would, The only difference is that this will put the skill of your choice to level 1, the only way to purchase this is the vote shop at the momment. - We have renamed the "200k experience lamp" to just "experience lamp". - Pathing has been updated again based off the feedback that was given to us after the first revamp of it - If you try to teleport in raids it will now mention the ::leaveraids command - Elder chaos top no longer has a huge amount, just 1 a drop. - Bracelet of etherium charged cant be traded or sold due to the braclet of etherium uncharged coming into place. - Extreme modes are only required to get 750 Total level to enter raids, but other modes are required to get 1500 due to there experience counter being faster. - Magic cape now allows you to switch spellbook in the wilderness. - Restricted accounts will no longer have to wait 3 days to reset their account. - Vorkath head, abyssal head, kurask head, kalphite head, basilisk head, kbd head and cockatrice head are now untradeable but you can sell to the shop for 500k + . - Barbarian agility course has been updated - Added brutal dragons to dragon tasks
  5. Aaron

    Update Log 11/15/2019

    Update Log 11/14/2019 @everyone - Quest tab for tournament should now display actual color to it - Some more items have been removed from the received a drop announcement that are unnecessary - Amulet of torture can now be used with amulet of tortures ornament kit to create the amulet of torture (or). - Amulet of torture (or) stat bonuses has been completely fixed. - Amulet of torture (or) has been made untradeable. - Amulet of fury (or) is now untradeable - Occult necklace can now be used on the occult necklace ornament kit to create the (or) version, the (or) version is now untradeable. - Dragon Defender is now fully working on the ornament kit. - Armadyl godsword can now be attached to the ornament kit to create the (or) version, the (or) version is now untradeable. - Saradomin godsword can now be attached to the ornament kit to create the (or) version, the (or) version is now untradeable. - Bandos godsword can now be attached to the ornament kit to create the (or) version, the (or) version is now untradeable. - Zamorak godsword can now be attached to the ornament kit to create the (or) version, the (or) version is now untradeable. - 8 ornament kits have been added to the pvm store for 850 pvm points. - Referral system has been updated for the newer youtubers that we have recently got. - Untradeable are now kept above 20 wilderness for now until we complete the entire system for it. - You can longer perform emotes in certian lobbys to prevent you from bugging. - Ultimate ironmans should get the random interface event reward for completing it. - Morytania for opening a vote key has been removed as it shouldnt of been a diary in the first place. - You can no longer double spam buying a max cape as it will detect a max cape and max hood in your inventory instantly. - Ultimate ironmans should never have an item sent to the bank as it checks for their mode and gives it to there inventory or in the case of no inventory space it should drop it. - After a wildy boss has died it will announce to the server that it has been defeated. - Well message have been removed, useless and it was wrong. - When attempting to sell the platinum tokens it will now tell you "You can only use this item on the bank to exchange.", and the coding for the bank is being worked on. - Arcane prayer scroll and dex scroll now have a dialogue option to prevent people from accidently clicking it. - "Player" on referral manager has been changed and fixed slightly. - Quest tab will now only refresh every 5 seconds, this is to help take off a load from the server due to it previously constantly being refreshed. - Trading post will now show up to 250 recent Items - Pathing is now server sided so you shouldn't no clip through objects, fixed the combat distance so you can't gap when running but it will still gap around objects as it should - Creating tabs while in resizable should work correctly now - Following players pathing has been improved (should also now be able to do that dance around thing when you follow eachother lol) - Purchasing firecape will now check for 2 inventory spaces. - Tournament will display your winstreak upon winning only. - Referral manger now has the correct name displayed when hes speaking. - The tourney store prices have been lowered - Wilderness cave is now counted on the quest tab as wilderness count: - The bonus weekend on quest tab will no longer flicker on and off, it will stay as its correct option. - When using the refresh icon for the quest tab, it will now display a message to show you if it has worked. - Fire of exchange has a new system where if it reaches a total of 100,000 exchange points from everyone toghether, it will announce to there server. - Icons will now be displayed for your gamemode or donator rank infront of "player rank" on the quest tab. - Owners will now succesfully be blocked from updating on the hiscores.
  6. Aaron

    Update Log 11/11/2019

    Update log 11/11/2019 - Sorry about today on the updates, it lacks a lot of main content but there decent updates and there isnt really much main issues that are major atm, but we appreciate all your update reports. Updates - - Recipee for disaster respawn location has been changeed to our home. - lobby timer is now just going to display the number that are in the tournament on both quest tab and lobby, if its under 4 it will turn red, if its 4 or above it will turn green. - Ring of suffering has been changed to the correct osrs stats meaning that the (i) version now has an actual bonus boost. - Ring of suffering combined with a ring of suffering will now succesfully create a ring of suffering (i) and delete both of the ring of sufferings. - Fixed trading post issue with coffer - Lava battlestaves from raids common key and a few others have been changed from un-noted to noted. - Changed voting system so it runs of amount donated to help prevent any mistakes of it checking for your donator ranks or your gamemodes effecting it. - Changed godwar KC system so it runs of amount donated to help prevent any mistakes of it checking for your donator ranks or your gamemodes effecting it. - Godwar KC donator benefit has changed. The new updated are regular donator and super donator are 15, Extreme is 10, Ultra and Legendary are 5, Diamond club is 3 and Onyx Donator + are all free to enter at 0 KC. - Saradomin imbued Max hood also zamorak and guthix are all now wearable. - Increased resistence of a dragon fire shield + anti-shield. - It used to freeze you when speaking to npc for to long, we had to recode something to fix that, it has finally been fixed. - Ceberus now has a respawn time of 25 seconds. - Weird npcs at taverly near black dragons have been removed and swopped for the correct npcs. - Elder chaos druids should now have a full droptable when searching for the npc, along with correctly dropping there loots. - Dagganoth mother minigame has been fully added to the game - Dagganoth mother mini-game teleport as been added to our mini-game section. - 3 New achievements have been added towards the new dagganoth mother mini-game.
  7. Aaron

    Update Log 09/11/2019

    Update Log 9/11/2019 - Upped the quantity of feathers. - dragon darts have now been added to all brutal dragons + both of the new wildy event key loots. - Upped the ether quantity on droptable - If you collect your money in the trading post it will now refresh everything in the trading post - Added client zoom so its much better - Decreased dragon darts + dragon arrows price in pvm store - Increased feather price. - Disabled some stupid names from announcing as a rare - Rare announcement has been turned from red to purple - fixed thammaron staff so it can be used with ether when uncharged - Venenatis, callisto and vet'ion has been decreased in defence. - Lowered the very rare on demonic gorrlias judging by how long it takes you and taking into consideration the gear and equipment needed. - Upped quantity of slayer shop items - Added dragon darts for 2 points each on slayer task, as example: 200 darts would be 100 points. - Corporeal beast was nerfed very slightly. - Ecumenical key has now been added to ironman store - Hellhounds quantity of items have been buffed and we have added death runes + blood runes along with a clue scroll - All wildy tasks from nieve have been removed. - Marks of grace will now go into your inventory to prevent them from entering the wrong floor level or you missing them due to any glitches. - Imp mask was removed out the game due to it not working and being bugged, until fix we arent going to add it back in and isnt a concern of ours atm or a priority. If you attempt to wear it due to having it in-game it will delete and reward you with coins. - Elder chaos robes on the exchange system have been nerfed - Donation system has changed, before it used to tell you how much you was off your next donator rank but sometimes errors in the message would occur and tell you the incorrect value, i have changed the whole system idea and just made it so that when you use the scroll it will tell you your next donator rank, its more accurate as when you donate your not technically getting your amount donated until you use your scroll. - I noticed an issue with the experience lamp and osrs modes not being able to use, that is now fixed. - Ava assembler max cape operation should work to its full extent and its commune options should now also pull up options. - Revenants cave should now be considered wilderness to the quest tab ect - You should only lose items above 20 wilderness that are untradebles, i also noticed that if you have 20 void peices, it will only keep 1 of that item, so i have made it so that it will add of that item quantity to all to your bank. - Added a examine name on elder chaos druids - Occult has been added to the showcase section + system itself. - Added cloth to the general stores + ironman shop - You can now clean your coloured dark bows and coloured whips.
  8. Aaron

    Update Log 08/11/2019

    Update Log 08/11/2019 - Fixed dcing issue - Ipmute has been added along with unipmute - Bracelet will now check to give you ether into your bracelet upon activating absorption and will be disabled if you take it off. - Referral points has been swopped for exchange points on quest tab -Slayer cape will now teleport you to the following slayer tasks correctly: Elf warriors, Greater Nechs - You can now drink overloads in raids - Added treasonous and tyrannical ring non-imbued to the exchange system - Added dragon crossbow to the exchange system - Exchange system will now tell you your item in the message, for example, previous was "exchanged your item for 5000 exchange points." it will now say "exchanged your abbysal Dagger for 5000 exchange points." - Exchange now has a default case meaning that if you was to use a dragon dagger on it, it would return with the message "You cannot exchange dragon dagger for Exchange Points.". - Exchange system update: you need to be on the sides or back to use the item on it. (we will fix) - Barrows npcs will now count towards your slayer task - Bracelet of etherium is only non-aggresive to revenants instead of all npcs. - Agility obstacle fail rate has been decreased - Added the basket of eggs animation on its walking. - The coin collection and tokkul collecting wont happen with the ring of wealth unless you have atleast 1 inventory space, this means that even if you have coins or tokkul stacked, it still needs 1 inventory room. - Fixed leave raids
  9. Aaron

    Missing Diary functions

    Just comment it below this mate, im adding to list now as i forgot due to all the others i had planned, ive now added it to our main list, thank you for your contribution, much appreciated. EDIT: ALL OF THE ABOVE STATED ARE FIXED FOR THE NEXT UPDATE LOG.
  10. Aaron

    Missing Diary functions

    will be fixed tomorrow when im free.
  11. Aaron

    Wilderness needs update! READ

    Wilderness bounty shop is perfectly fine, We arent adding items like that as we are trying to maintain a stable eco aswell as making pvm actually worth it. Wilderness will get more active when we reach a higher playerbase, There is things like skilling in the wildy, Revenant items and the two events that contain multiple rares that cannot be obtained anywhere else in-game.
  12. Aaron

    Update Log 27/10/2019

    Update Log 27/10/2019 - Ironman modes, Hardcore Ironmans and Ultimate ironmans now can use the exchange system - Added all the ring (i) to the serens and sotetseg chest. - added blood runes to barrows droptables - Tweaked the tournament cup message - Fixed the agility achievement, it will should now start to up after every lap, It has been coded in to all rooftops and agility courses. - Tournament system after each kill should now restore your HP, Prayer, Run Energy, and Spec in a better way and should update your special attack bar instantly instead of switching weapons to do so. - Tournament portal will now have a correct object distance when clicking it. - Tournament cup will now have a dialogue, the two options will be "your info", and "outlast info" and your info will show your best streak, current winstreak and your total wins, the outlast info will tell you the last winner, his current streak and his all time best streak. - Magic cape can now switch spellbooks whilst not wearing it. - Bracelet of etherium can now check your charges on "operate" whilst wearing it. - Adjusted the stuck command - Ring of suffering is now dropped by demonic gorrilas - You can now combine Ring of suffering on another ring of suffering to make the (i) version - Adjusted revenant cyclops death animation - Fixed trading for when a tournament is active - All Slayer donation benefits are completely fixed - Yell donator benefits has been fixed - Godwar donator benefits has been fixed - PKP donator benefits have been completely fixed - Glory recharing by the fountain now works, its 1 by 1 unless we can improve the code as it has a little bit of an issue doing multiple rn.
  13. Aaron


    Very nice layout and overall clean thread.
  14. Aaron

    Update Log 19/10/2019

    Update Log 19/10/2019 - Previous teleport will now work on the sovark wizard - Primoridial boots has been swopped for dragon boots on the monk preset to allow for a better upgrade - turquoise helm is now classed a full mask and will now cover your head - turquoise slayer helmet now has the correct stats - purple slayer helmet (i) now has the correct osrs stats - Tournament shop will now display the correct point system value name when attemtping to check the price - All game modes can now enter the tournament shop - Glory now functions properly and will now decrease your charges in your item when operating it. - Glory will also now functions properly and will now decrease your charges in your item when using it in inventory. - Added a delay that wont effect the starter kit, it just prevents people from spamming there welcome message. - Fixed referral system - Tournament point reward system has been adjusted - Nerfed ibans staff in the pvm shop - Added master wand to the pvm shop - Nechryaels task now counts as a greater Nechryael - Vote pet was added, it is a lamp that you can drop and a genie will pop out, you can speak to it and it will allow you to claim ur votes without the command, you can also metamorphisis and it can switch between 2 genies. - Fighter torso can now be bought at the pest control shop - Barrows gloves can now be bought at the pest control shop - Fighter hat can now be bought at the pest control shop - You can no longer trade inside the tournament area - You can now attack the same ip address in the tournament (needs prooving) - Added a block animation to the thammaron sceptre - Tournament easy achievement, "enter 5 tournaments" has been added. - Ironman modes can now buy from the pvm shop - Max hit dummy health has been increased
  15. Rank has been given :D, thank you for donating
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