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    Account Security

    How to keep your Sovark account safe! 1. Make sure that your password is never shared with other servers. 2. Do not share your account with other people, it is against the rules and you can get banned for it. 3. Be careful when opening files sent to you from other people you don't trust. 4. A secure account pin helps keep your account safe even in the case of your password being stolen. 5. Staff will NEVER ask for your password or pin so do not give this information to anyone who asks. Stay safe everyone!
  2. Inno

    Donator Benefits

    Guide to Donating 1) Visit our store here. 2) Purchase your points and type ::claim in game to receive them. 3) Spend your points in our donation shops. Note: You automatically receive donator rank when donating, To receive your forums rank, you must apply here. OSRS & RS3 GOLD DONATION: We do not accept OSRS or RS3 gold donations here at sovark. RANKS: Regular Donator - $10 amount donated Super Donator - $50 amount donated Extreme Donator - $100 amount donated Ultra Donator - $200 amount donated Legendary Donator - $300 amount donated Diamond Club - $500 amount donated Onyx Club - $1000 amount donated Platinum - $2500 amount donated Divine - $5000 amount donated
  3. Update Log 11/09/2019 Store Page has had make over. Vote Page has had make over ( there is now top 3 voters, all 3 will be rewarded at the end of the month based on placement. Hiscores has had make over ( Ironman, Ultimate, Hardcore [coming soon], and Extreme are all working, it will update next time you log out). Fixed a bug that could cause server to crash. Removed inaccurate prices when you checked value on item. Added presets, you can now create custom presets that will check your bank/inventory if you have the items. Tele Interface has been update to a more clean look. Ahrims can no longer hit through prayer. Added ring of wealth i scroll to vote shop for 500 vote tickets (this is to help drive the vote ticket eco). Boosted xp for catching implings. Added volcanic whip mix to pvm shop. Added ice whip mix to pvm shop. Slightly adjusted vorkaths max hit. Lava drags now give pvm points. Fixed chaos druids npc id. Fixed thugs npc id. Added a message after you completed a slayer task that tells you how many you have done consecutively. 3rd Age Bow can now use dragon arrows. Added ability to make Assembler Max cape (use assembler on normal max cape) Assembler max cape stats are fixed, and it will not offer perks like other max capes Completely re-did every slayer task to give better task amounts Fixed stats for amethyst arrows/javelins Sigmund the Merchant now only has trade option (no longer have to right click to trade) Fixed stats for misc items Removed ring of wealth i scroll from bounty shop Ring of suffering has had a upgrade, it now resembles ring of suffering (i) and holds unlimited recoil charges You can now place traps in hunter area for skilling island Adjusted xp rates Added coin bags! You will now randomly receive coin bag drops ranging between small,medium, and large. This will be based on the type of monsters you are fighting and scaled accordingly! (Added so people arent forced to thieve for gp). Fixed dragon harpoon Fixed voting system to send less messages Added global message when someone receives vote key Fixed wall in edge bank Fixed the anvil on donor island Added legendary donor zone Donor ranks and benefits have been completely redone! Added full vesta, statius, morrigans, zuriels (no weapons included yet) Added chaotic weapons: crossbow,rapier, longsword, staff (may or may not be used in-game) Added pernix, virtus, torva (probably wont be used in-game but its there) Added divine spirit shield (may or may not be added) The double xp message will not update automatically. Updated infernal cape stats Presets now require the correct level to use the preset Presets will now bank your equipment and inventory space Fixed all the barrows achievements and changed them completely, recoded All of them to succesfully work with the new feature of barrows. Adding an object facing path, so that facing an object when clicking on it is alot more accurate. Fixed veng animation. Made npcs such as catacomb monsters and bosses a lot more aggresive. Antisanta boots can be weilded. Raids now will give 3 raids items as a loot of common and uncommon with an exception of rare. ::Refer command has been added, how this works is you can either type ::refer john, or you can a site such as. rune-locus, topg, rsps-list, google, youtube, discord, and it will give you a referral point each time. someone uses your name or when you use your referral at the start. Login announcements are now on for administrators, server supports and moderators. Tweaked auto retaliation, and hopefully its more stable, if not ill continue. Added loyalty point system, it will give every player 100 loyalty points every 1 hour. Fixed some woodcutting achievement rewards as they were pretty useless. Membership system, what this does is give new players donator for 2 days, and after the 2 days it will remove the donator status, they can see how long they have left under the quest tab "player rank", it will not appear to those without donator. When claiming a donation, it will now tell you how far you are off your next donator rank. Added bonus damage to the justiciar armour = .75, like correct osrs. Added bonus damage to elysian spirit shield *= .85, like real osrs. Fixed scythe of vitur to be the correct combat effect like real osrs. Renamed casket (hard) to master casket. Made the "view the rules" on the info tab go to the correct link, the in-game rules. Made the "view community guides" go to the correct link also, to the guides on the forums.
  4. Inno

    New Co-Owner

    Thank you, Glad to be apart of the team.
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