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  1. this will be fun and i look forward to taking 1st place 😛
  2. hey any idea why i have to always redownload cache when client is updated my computer not to great to do that every time lol
  3. Requesting rank: Ult Ironman Forum Rank Primary rank(Yes/No😞 Yes Proof: was trying post a pic but did not work but you know I'm a ult ironman 😛
  4. zzz

    RGN Z

    Hello my name is Thomas aka Z ingame, I love playing private servers while playing runescape in the mean time I'm 24 years old been playing private servers since 2012 have not played one in a long time used to own my own back in the day trying to get back into private servers they are fun looks like Sovark is my home server I'm loving it already I can see Sovark becoming a big server one day I'm here to stay and watch it happen anyways that's about it feel free to chat with me on game at any time thank you.
  5. I will for sure be making guides for the future to come of soark
  6. zzz

    Sovark Price Guide

    thank you for this bro keep up the great work with the server ;D
  7. zzz

    Xp Goals/Level Goals

    i like this idea 😄
  8. thank you keep up the great work
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