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  1. - Changed the Rings price from 40 to 140 Slayer points - Added new command called "Task" (To check your current slayer task and how much still need to kill) - Changed the pets droprate to x3 Higher - Updated the ::Commands list (Removed the useless ones/Added new ones) - Added that now at catacombs hill giants drop ancient shards - Changed that the ::update now lowest time will be 30 seconds (cuz 15 was too low) - Fixed the issue with PVM Points (now when you kill npc you'll get it) - Added that now ironman can buy Uncut Onyx/Zamorak hasta/Row from pvm store - Fixed Vorkath boss now hits still if you have pray on - Fixed Armadyl boss SafeSpots - Fixed the Price at slayer for route to cerberus cave to normal price which is 1250 not 500 - Fixed the price at slayer for slayer experience to normal price which is 50 not 30 - Fixed that now you can cut trees at Skilling island - Fixed that now you can mine ores at Skilling island - Fixed Thermonuclear Smoke Devil now he still hits if you have pray on - Fixed the barrows now drops items pieces at 1/170 and coins also gives +1 pvm point - Fixed that now you can't wear Twisted bow at range lvl 1 need 80lvl to wear it now - Added that now if you will get any piece of barrows brother server will announce it - Added Unsired to Abyssal Sire drop table - Fixed that now when you use Bludgeon pieces on Overseer it will gives Abyssal Bludgeon - Removed the annoying message when you're in wilderness
  2. Thanks you everyone for your patience with the new recent data update! All you support is making a lot easier to identify what need to be fixed! so, appreciate all the help. - Fixed Bankers at Edgeville - Fixed the bank booths coords at edge - Fixed the General Store and Ironman Store npc - Added Achievement npc at Max Island - Fixed the Cows/Chickens npcs - Fixed the gate issue (Now wont teleport you to cows when you press on any gate) - Added uncut onyx to PVM Store for 4k PVM Points - Fixed the objects ids at Skilling Island - Added new command Called "::Maxisland" Which will teleport you to island where skillcape shop, mac (Maxcape shop), and Achievement guy are all standed. - Edgeville has had a make over to reduce clutter of npcs. - Some Npcs have been updated - Skilling Island is now fixed (Mainly trees/ores) - Removed farmer from skilling island to prevent ironman abusing pickpocket ability - Adjusted a bunch of ids to match new data (Still work in progress) - Bug fixes
  3. Edwin

    Elysian's guide to max

    Awesome guide man! i like it
  4. Edwin

    Zach's Hunter Guide

    Nice guide @Zach
  5. Edwin

    Blake's Runecrafting Guide

    Nice guide bro! i like it - @Edwin
  6. Edwin

    Update Log 8/2/2019

    Hope y'all enjoy the new updates! - @Edwin
  7. Edwin

    Update Log 7/29 - 8/1/2019

    Hope y'all enjoy new updates! - @Edwin
  8. Edwin

    Max Cape Event

    Congratz to @elysian hes the one who got a max cape first on reg mode!
  9. Edwin

    Update Log 7/28/2019

    We hope you'll enjoy these updates! - Sovark Staff team - Edwin
  10. Edwin

    Max Cape Event

    Hello everyone, Today we're starting a new event called "Max Cape Event"! 1. The first player who achieve maximum total level will be rewarded "$10 Scroll and randomly chosen pet" 2. The first player who achieve maximum total level on Ironman Mode will be rewarded "Bandos set and randomly chosen pet" *Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so. Good luck everyone - @Edwin
  11. Everyone join now! see y'all in-game! -Edwin
  12. Edwin

    IGN - plated cross

    Hey @plated cross see you in-game man! - Edwin
  13. Edwin

    IGN- Blake

    Whatsup @blake i hope you have a great time in our community! - Edwin
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