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  1. Edwin

    Update Log 11/09/2019

    What an update, nicely done mate!
  2. Edwin

    New Co-Owner

    Hello, We glad to announce the staff promotion of @Inno to the Co-Owner Rank. Congratulations! Regards,
  3. Edwin

    99 Cape Perks

    Nice guide!
  4. Thanks for this wonderful guide man.
  5. Edwin

    Wilderness Slayer NPC LOCS

    @Sassy nice guide man. love it 🙂
  6. Edwin

    Bug reports

    Dear @KongNuts thanks for your bug reports.
  7. Edwin

    Zulrah guide

    Nice guide @Rain Suffer thanks for this one.
  8. Edwin


    Welcome @Proxy glad to see you here. Hope you'll have a awesome time in our server.
  9. Hello @KongNuts welcome to the server man. Hope you'll have a great time here. 🙂
  10. Edwin

    Update Log 8/30/2019

    Nice updates keep it up.
  11. - Changed the Rings price from 40 to 140 Slayer points - Added new command called "Task" (To check your current slayer task and how much still need to kill) - Changed the pets droprate to x3 Higher - Updated the ::Commands list (Removed the useless ones/Added new ones) - Added that now at catacombs hill giants drop ancient shards - Changed that the ::update now lowest time will be 30 seconds (cuz 15 was too low) - Fixed the issue with PVM Points (now when you kill npc you'll get it) - Added that now ironman can buy Uncut Onyx/Zamorak hasta/Row from pvm store - Fixed Vorkath boss now hits still if you have pray on - Fixed Armadyl boss SafeSpots - Fixed the Price at slayer for route to cerberus cave to normal price which is 1250 not 500 - Fixed the price at slayer for slayer experience to normal price which is 50 not 30 - Fixed that now you can cut trees at Skilling island - Fixed that now you can mine ores at Skilling island - Fixed Thermonuclear Smoke Devil now he still hits if you have pray on - Fixed the barrows now drops items pieces at 1/170 and coins also gives +1 pvm point - Fixed that now you can't wear Twisted bow at range lvl 1 need 80lvl to wear it now - Added that now if you will get any piece of barrows brother server will announce it - Added Unsired to Abyssal Sire drop table - Fixed that now when you use Bludgeon pieces on Overseer it will gives Abyssal Bludgeon - Removed the annoying message when you're in wilderness
  12. Edwin

    Update Log 8/8/2019

    Thanks you everyone for your patience with the new recent data update! All you support is making a lot easier to identify what need to be fixed! so, appreciate all the help. - Fixed Bankers at Edgeville - Fixed the bank booths coords at edge - Fixed the General Store and Ironman Store npc - Added Achievement npc at Max Island - Fixed the Cows/Chickens npcs - Fixed the gate issue (Now wont teleport you to cows when you press on any gate) - Added uncut onyx to PVM Store for 4k PVM Points - Fixed the objects ids at Skilling Island - Added new command Called "::Maxisland" Which will teleport you to island where skillcape shop, mac (Maxcape shop), and Achievement guy are all standed. - Edgeville has had a make over to reduce clutter of npcs. - Some Npcs have been updated - Skilling Island is now fixed (Mainly trees/ores) - Removed farmer from skilling island to prevent ironman abusing pickpocket ability - Adjusted a bunch of ids to match new data (Still work in progress) - Bug fixes
  13. Edwin

    Elysian's guide to max

    Awesome guide man! i like it
  14. Edwin

    Zach's Hunter Guide

    Nice guide @Zach
  15. Edwin

    Blake's Runecrafting Guide

    Nice guide bro! i like it - @Edwin
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