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Update Log 7/28/2019

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Hello everyone, we have been working day and night on this server and we don't plan to stop! Remember to join our discord (click DISCORD in the top menu bar) to get the latest updates!

7/28/2019 LOG

-Allowed WOGW to be used and donated too
- Fixed that ironman cant anymore open "Magic supply store"
- Changed the xp rate for Ironman/Ultimate Ironaman "ironaman gets 20%/ultimate gets 50% less than reg player"
- Changed the "Control Panel" Tab
- Fixed the Donator shop bug
- Upgraded the Slayer shop to new one
- Added feathers to iron man store as it was suggested
- Fixed the gate at @ cows
- Cuztomized Mystery & Ultra boxes message
- Fixed that ironman can open slayer shop
- Boosted agility xp
- Added Raids/PVM/Vote points to Quest Tab
- Fixed the login issue
- Fixed yell bug
- Fixed issue with slayer level to get a slayer task from Nieve
- Added dragon bones to PVM Shop as it was suggested
- Well adjusted
- Added zamorakian spear to pvm shop
- Removed items/Changed the prices in donator shop
- Removed items/Changed the prices in vote shop
- Changed the prices in slayer shop
- Fixed the "Trading post" now located in north edgeville bank
- Fixed the "Super Combat pot" now cost 13 pvm points
- Added the fishing spots in new skilling zone
- Added the skilling npcs in new skilling zone
- Added proselyte/dragon scimitar/sanfew serums to ironman shop
- Added regular bones to the general store
- Added reg slayer helm for 1
-Added slayer helm (i) - and Black/Green/Red 
- Added elite void to slayer store 
-Updated the tasks in a row points system (you get more points now for consecutive tasks)
- Added that you have a chance to get a bonus slayer points which is 2
- Fixed the vote message
- Fixed Slayer Points staying at 0 in dashboard
- Boosted most non-combat skills
-Xp Lamps now give 200k xp ea (can be found in vote shop)
-Change some item names to reflect the actual use of item
-Changed Slayer XP Rates
-Added Dialouge to Trading Post bankers
-Added Global Message System
-Removed Hover Over Items for stats interface
-Added Guams/Herbs to the Farming shop for easy but somewhat slow herblore xp
-Slayer Master System fully redone, Only need one slayer master now
-Sovark Launcher working, will update client automatically
- Changed the sunfew potion with Super restore in ironman Store
- Spawned godwars boss pets at @godwars which can teleport you to the boss location (Dont need to run there)
- Added free Cancel Task, now cost 0 slayer points in rewards tab of slayer master reward shop
- Added that ironman can use now PVM Store as it was suggested
- Added that ironman can now buy from slayer store (but not all items which is there)
- Added that ironman can now buy from pvm store (all items which is there)
- Added all runes to ironman store
- changed the price for canceling the slayer task from 30 to 0 slayer points
- Added the announcement "its free to cancel your slayer task in the rewards tab!"
- Removed xp lamp from casket
- Changed the price for dragon boots in slayer store from 50 to 160
-No longer need KC for any Godwars boss
-Added Raids
-Added Trading Post
-Boosted slayer points given for task streaks
-made Boss pets at GWD talk and tell you about the teleport system.
-Fixed Revs being incredibly OP
-Fixed Xp System to reflect accurate Xp Drops
-Changed Drop/Alch Warning to show correct command to toggle it which is "::toggledrop off"
-Fixed Slayer Interface to correctly display cost of rewards.
-Added Avernic Defender Drop to Cyclops once you have a dragon defender
-Plus  A LOT more bugs / random issues that have been fixed and were done behind the scenes 🙂

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We hope you'll enjoy these updates!


- Sovark Staff team

- Edwin


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Good work you guys! Love seeing the consistent updates 🙂

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