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Sovark Gameplay Guide!

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Money Making Methods
Thieving is by far the best early money making method in the game.  It should get around 10M GP on the grind to 99. 
Fishing and cooking would be a good alternative route if you cook what you catch.  Food prices:  Shark 1,350 GP | Karambwan 1,667 GP | Anglerfish 5,336GP (Selling to General Store.)
is a nice chunk of money though it could be quite a time investment.  Hunting Prices: Red Chinchompa 5,252 GP | Black Chinchompa 8,004 GP (Selling to General Store.)
Woodcutting can be a very dragged out skill but it can also still be highly profitable.  Log Prices: Yew Logs 1,000 GP | Magic Logs 2,301 GP (Selling to General Store.)

Finally, Slayer.  This is obviously a given because Slayer is the money maker on almost all servers but you should 100% do Slayer as you grind your combat skills.  There are many reasons why this is by far one of the best money makers in the game and I'll break it down for you. 

Money Bags: These vary on the level of your Slayer Task and will drop from any monster you kill.  There are three starting with Small then Medium and finally Large.  The higher the tier the more money you will receive when opening them.  Small Money Bag averages around 20K GP | Medium Money Bag averages around 50K | Large Money Bag averages around 125K

Crystal Keys: When using these on the Crystal Key Chest at home you will receive a random items every time.  The nice part of this is that you can earn barrows pieces, additional money and other items that will help you progress.

Clue Scrolls: We are all familiar with Clue Scrolls but this is just another incentive to train Slayer.  They can provide you with rare items that can be sold to other players for large amounts of GP, items to be alched or just straight cash.

Monster Drops: Aside from Monsters dropping straight cash, Clue Scrolls and Crystal Keys, they'll obviously drop other items of value.  Whether it's a boss or just a standard Slayer Task monsters will provide you with a ton of armor pieces that can be alched or sold.  The random resources will also make very good money when being sold to the General Store.  Don't hesitate to pick up noted items whether it be herbs, ores, bars or logs..  They all add up in the end and every GP counts.

Efficient Skill Training
Runecrafting: When it comes to training Runecrafting, the fastest XP per hour is most definitely making Nature Runes.  I know it sounds weird but in the Abyss, you can make 2x the trips to the Nature area before 1 trip to the Blood Rune Area thus making it the best XP per hour.  As a regular account, you can buy Rune Essence from the General Store at Home.  If you are an ironman on the other hand..  I'd advise killing Gargoyles or Abyssal demons for your Pure Essence.  They drop them pretty often and they drop hundreds each time. 

Thieving: This one is pretty self explanatory for a regular player, just click the stalls at home and upgrade to the next stall when you hit the required level.  Now, as far as being an ironman, I would highly advise getting the level required for the Master Farmer and thieving from him until 99.  This will allow you to receive all the Seeds you would need for Farming training and potions for the future.  When you unlock your Rogue pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.

Farming: As a regular player, all seeds can be purchased at the Farming Patch teleport area.  Simply rake the patch, use compost on the patch, use the seed on the patch and then water it.  Each herb has a specific time for it's growth.  Early levels require only 30 seconds to grow and higher level herbs will require a minute or two.  You can grow Grimy Guam at level 1 Farming.  When it comes to being an ironman, I highly suggest doing thieving until 99 at the Master Farmer so you can accumulate enough seeds to hopefully grind to level 99 Farming.  When you unlock your Farmer pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.

Hunter: At level 1, head to the Hunting skill teleport and start off by catching Crimson Swifts.  Go up each stage of birds until level 19 so you can then catch Tropical Wagtails.  I personally suggest doing Tropical Wagtails until level 63 Hunter and then moving up to Red Chinchompa's.  I know it sounds weird to catch a level 19 Bird until level 63 but believe it or not, it is the fastest method.  An alternative is catching Gray Chinchompa's at level 53 Hunter but I fully believe it's inefficient.  Once you start catching Red Chinchompa's, you can do that route until 99 or once you achieve level 73, head to the wilderness and start catching Black Chinchompa's.  They are definitely the fastest XP but comes with a partial risk.  These methods apply to ironmen as well.

Herblore: As a regular player, you can simply progress through early levels of Herblore just by picking up low level herbs as you train Slayer.  If you don't prefer that method, simply grow Guam so you can clean one of them for level 3.  At level 3, make Attack Potions and as you level, just make whatever you can until level 45 Herblore.  At level 45 Herblore, you can now just buy Clean Irit from the Master Farmer and secondaries from the Herblore NPC.  At level 45, make Super Attack Potions and then at level 48 make Super Anti-Poison Potions until level 79.  At level 79 Herblore make Antidote++ until 99.  This is the fastest method to 99 Herblore.  As for ironmen, your best bet is clearly just to farm your herbs and make potions as you do this.  The Herblore NPC is at the ::skill zone.  You can use noted clean herbs and water vials on him to make the unfinished potions for you.  It will cost some money but barely any.

Mining: Start off by mining a few copper and tin ore until level 15.  At level 15, move onto Iron Ore as it is the fastest XP/HR.  You will be doing Iron Ore until 99.  I advise banking the iron ore as it can help you with the Smithing grind.  When you unlock your Prospector pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.  This will double your XP/HR.  These methods apply to ironmen as well.  Also, Black Demons drop Rune Pickaxes (Ironmen).

Smithing: If you were to do this grind all on your own, using the resources you've obtained from Mining, it will not get you all the way to 99.  I highly advise training Slayer before doing the Smithing grind as that will allow you to get a bunch of additional bars and ores so you won't have to mine them yourself.  If you are interested in buying the resources from other players, that is most definitely the fastest route.  If you don't have the funds for that, definitely do the Slayer grind.  You can also use all the iron ore you previously banked from 99 mining to assist you on the grind.  As you progress, your achievements will unlock which will give you the following: 300 Mithril Bars | 300 Adamant Bars | 300 Rune Bars.

Agility: As a regular player, you receive a 200K XP Lamp when you join the server.  Use the lamp on Agility, it will save you time from Agility and that's worth everything.  Using the Lamp on Agility will allow you to skip right to the Seer's Rooftop Agility which you will grind until level 90 Agility and then move onto the Ardougne Course.  Now, for those of you who don't use the lamp on Agility, you'll have to start off at the Gnome Agility Course.  Do that course until level 35, once you hit level 35 move onto the Barbarian Course.  Do that Barbarian Course until 52 Agility and then move on to the Wilderness Course.  Train at the Wilderness Course until you are level 60 and then do Seers until 90 and then as I said before, Ardougne rooftops.  These methods apply to ironmen as well.

Fishing: Head to ::skill and talk to the Master Fisher to get your tools needed for fishing.  Start off with catching Shrimp with a small net until level 40.  At level 40, you can catch Lobsters with a Lobster Pot.  At level 50, switch to a Harpoon and start catching Swordfish.  At level 62, you will switch over to Monkfish which require a Small Net to catch.  You can do this method until 99 or you can catch Sharks at level 76 Fishing to offer you better cooking XP and profit.  When you unlock your Angler pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.  These methods apply to ironmen as well.

Head to ::skill and trade the Tanner.  Start off with some cowhide, needle and thread and tan it into leather and start crafting leather boots, do this until level 20.  At level 20, you can now buy Uncut Sapphires from the Tanner.  Do Sapphires until 27, then move up to Emeralds.  At level 34 you can now cut Rubies.  At level 43, move onto cutting Diamonds.  Then finally at level 55, start cutting Dragonstones until level 99.  This will cost you some money but this is the fastest method.

Woodcutting: This is a pretty obvious one but I'll put in the guide anyway.  Level 1, Regular trees.  Level 15, Oak trees.  Level 30, Willow trees.  Level 45 Maple trees.  Level 60 Yew trees.  Level 75 Magic trees.  At level 90 you can talk to the Woodsman tutor to teleport you to the Woodcutting guild to chop Redwood trees.  These are good XP but definitely not the most efficient.  Stick to Magic trees since you can cut them faster.
When you unlock your Lumberjack pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.

Firemaking: This is the same as Woodcutting.  Level 1, Regular Logs.  Level 15, Oak Logs.  Level 30, Willow Logs.  Level 45 Maple Logs.  Level 60 Yew Logs.  Level 75 Magic Logs.
When you unlock your Pyromancer pieces from the achievements, make sure to equip them as they grant % bonus XP per piece worn.

This skill can go anyway you want it to, honestly.  The fastest method is making darts but that would require you to smith all of them yourself as no one sells them.  Another alternative to this is simply use your logs from 99 Woodcutting to start your Fletching grind.  99 Woodcutting will not give you enough logs for 99 Fletching.  You will have to shop more.  Wear your Woodcutting Skillcape when doing this as the cape grants you double logs.

This will be updated as time goes on but for now this is the current guide.  I hope you find use for it and if anyone has changes that they want made to this, let me know 🙂

PVM Points
Now I'm sure you are aware of the PVM shop but if you are not, here is how it works:  Every standard NPC or slayer monster will result in point per kill.  All boss related monsters will grant 10 points per kill.  The PVM Point shop is located west of the bank at ::home.  If you happen to find an NPC that does not grant you any points, please report that in the ::discord.  When it comes to PVM points and using the points on rewards from the shop, you typically want to aim for BIS items.  The best items from there would be Dragon Boots, Fighter Torso and the Uncut Onyx (for a fury.)
  There are of course several other items to aim for but I would definitely prioritize those 3.  It may seem like it takes forever to accumulate points but if you just avoid looking at your point count and just continue to slay and progress, you'll rack up a lot of points in no time at all.

Wilderness Events
You can most likely tell by the name but these events are held in the Wilderness and consist of 2 bosses.  The first would be Sotetseg and the second would be Seren.  When it comes to killing these bosses, my best advice would be to take range and the bare minimum gear as it is in the Wilderness.  Neither of these bosses are easy to solo and you will typically require a group to kill it efficiently.  You will want to also pray range as they both stack damage pretty hard.  They do hit through prayer so be cautious of that.  Your inventory should consist of Saradomin Brews, Super Restores and a small amount of food.  This will insure that you can stay through the whole fight.  If you are to teleport home due to being low HP and out of supplies you will lose the soul bound damage on it and not receive a Key.  The minimal damage required to get a Key is 100 so it's not too hard to receive a Key.  Once you obtain a Key you can use it on the Corrupt Chest north of the bank at home.  If you would like to know what the chest contains, type ::chestrewards in game.  It is a well worth it event.

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