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Farming Guide - Bank Less

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I will start this guide off with farming first, then i will move on to the herblore part. 🙂


Before you start, go to the farming/iron man store (South of home bank) and purchase 4 buckets, rake, seed dibbler, and a few watering cans.

I would first start with getting 60 thieving at home to be able to pick pocket the master farmers at the farming teleport. By far the best way to obtain seeds. (Master farmers) https://prnt.sc/pxzvp0


To get there you will want to open the teleport interface > skilling > farming patches

Once you have obtained your seeds you will want to rake all of the weeds and deposit them into the compost bin. http://prntscr.com/pxzwoz

You will then want to right click compost bin > empty from compost bin to fill your buckets with compost.

To start, you put the compost on the raked patch on each corner > place your seeds in each plot > water them

Most herbs grow within 30-90 seconds.

When they are fully grown you pick and repeat!

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