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Sovark Price Guide

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Updated as of 11/19/2019

Warning: These prices may not reflect exact prices of the Sovark economy!  Pay what you think is a fair price for items that you want. 

 This guide will help you find the right amount you should be paying.  If you don't see an item on here that should be on here, please list it below in the comments so I can then add it to this guide.  I will try my best to keep this thread updated as prices change.  Thank you.

Use CTRL+F to easily find items!

Low Tier Items
Abyssal Whip: 10-15M
Dragon Boots: 5-10M
Amulet of Fury: 10-15M
Berserker Ring: 10-15M
Archers Ring: 10-15M
Seers Ring: 5-10M
Warriors Ring: 3-5M
Dharok's: 4-5M per piece.
Ahrim's: 4-5M per piece.
Kharil's: 4-5M per piece.
Torag's: 3M per piece.
Guthan's: 3M per piece.

Mid-Tier Items
Dragonfire Shield: 25-30M
Ranger Boots: 10-15M
Ring (i): 25-40M
Archers Ring (i): 25-40M
Seers Ring (i): 15-25M
Warriors Ring (i): 10-15M

High Tier Items
Kraken Tentacle: 20-25M
Trident of the Seas: 20-25M
Armadyl Crossbow: 80-100M
Bandos Chestplate: 70-80M
Bandos Tassets: 80-100M
Armadyl Helm: 20-30M
Armadyl Chestplate: 70-80M
Armadyl Chainskirt: 80-100M
Ancestral Hat: 75-100M
Ancestral Robe top: 100-150M
Ancestral Robe bottoms: 100-150M
Amulet of Torture: 80-100M
Necklace of Anguish: 80-100M
Toxic Blowpipe: 250-300M
Serpentine Helm: 100M
Armadyl Godsword: 80-100M
Saradomin Godsword: 30-50M
Bandos Godsword: 50-75M
Zamorak Godsword: 30-50M
Primordial Boots: 80-100M
Pegasian Boots: 75-100M
Eternal Boots: 50-75M
Elder Maul: 100-150M
Dragonhunter Crossbow: 120-150M
Dragon Warhammer: 100-150M
Elysian Spirit Shield: 500M+
Arcane Spirit Shield: 200-250M
Spectral Spirit Shield: 75-100M

Rare Items
Partyhats: 500-750M
H'Ween Masks: 350-500M
Santa Hat: 400M
Black Party Hat: 750M-1B
Black Santa: 750M-1B
Rainbow Party Hat: 750M-1B

Skilling | Resources
Dragon Axe: 5-10M
Dragon Pickaxe: 10M
Dragon Harpoon: 10-20M
Magic Logs: 5K each log
Yew Logs: 3K each log
Runite Bar: 50K each bar
Rune Ore: 40K each ore
Adamant Bar: 30K each bar
Adamant Ore: 25k each ore
Mithril Bar: 20K each bar
Mithril Ore: 15k each ore
Black Chinchompa: 20K each chinchompa
Red Chinchompa: 10K each chinchompa

Zulrah Scales: 500-1K each scale
Dragon Darts: 10K each dart.
Dragon Arrows: 5K each arrow
Dragon Bones: 20K each bone
Baby Dragonbones: 3K each bone
Vote Ticket: 1-2M each ticket
Seren Key: 2-3M
Sotetseg Key: 2-3M
Crystal Key: 500K each key
PVM Casket: 500K each
$10 Donation Scroll: 75M every $10.

Other Useful Links:
Forum and Server Rules

Mystery Box Rewards
Corrupt Chest and Vote Streak Chest Rewards
Donator Benefits

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