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Free Mystery Box if You Make a Guide!

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Sovark will be giving mystery boxes to anyone who creates a Guide to help the future of the server! Of course there will be guidelines to this as we don't want to be flooding the eco with mystery boxes. This event will last for all of August or until full release is announced, whichever comes first! Below you will find the guidelines your guide must follow! 

-Must be posted in the guide section of forums. 

-Only 2 rewards max per person. 

- Be original (however if your guide goes above and beyond someone's previous one with a similar concept, you may still be awarded) 

-Must be easy to read/understand (ie. Include images or steps) 

-Shows there was an obvious and clear amount of effort put into it

-Ask m3 before you make the guide if you are unsure if it is either necessary or relevant to the future of Sovark since we are still in Beta and things could change

If your guide does not follow these guidelines, you will not be given a mystery box. Again, this is for the protection of the Sovark eco to prevent a flood of items coming in. 

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