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Blake's Runecrafting Guide

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Hello all!

To start runecrafting you will need to purchase rune essence from the general store @ home for 4gp ea.

Next run to the Mage of Zamorak also located at home (slightly southwest of the bank). Have him tele you to the abyss.


Upon entering the Abyss you will see all these little portals to craft runes at. Simply, click on the portal and it will craft the runes for you!

Below is a location of all the portals.



1-10 28 Air Runes

10-20 28 Earth Runes

20-27 28 Body Runes

27-35 63 Cosmic Runes

35-44 104 Chaos Runes

44-91 8663 Nature Runes

At level 75 return to Mage of Zamorak and get a Giant Pouch for free which will add 7 essence per trip!

91-99 10562 Double Nature Runes




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