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Drunk Shart

how to get the best woodcutting, fletching, and firemaking xp!!

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Here is a quick video on how to get one of the best xp rates training Woodcutting and Fletching or Firemaking at a time! 

  1. You'll need a axe of any kind to chop trees!
  2. You'll need a knife and/or tinderbox!
  3. You'll want to focus on picking up the rhythm of the firemaking one to get the fastest xp possible!
  4. After fletching the bows if you want the fastest xp you will want to just drop the bows. If you keep them the plus side is you can string them and get more xp later on.

I made a video to show you how to do it the best possible way, my first video sorry if it is sloppy! Also sorry about the trademark in it I used a free video editor


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