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Hey Sovark Players!

And welcome to the Official Help Clan Chat thread. Our aim is for you to have a memorable,
fun, relaxing and enjoyable experience while paying Sovark Rsps.
We take all members; the 'Help' clan is an open clan, meaning anyone who would love to join can do so.


You are to abide by the rules for the whole time while in the 'Help' clan chat. These Rules must be followed by members and also by ranked members.
Also all In-game Rules apply to the Clan Chat.

1. Flaming, derogatory language (Three warnings, mute-warning, duration mute, Ban).
2. Scamming (Permanent Ban).
3. Racism (Mute-warning, Ban).
4. Spamming (Verbal-warning, Duration mute).
5. Discussing about illegal substances (Verbal-warning, Duration mute).
6. Harassment [Trolling, Begging] (Mute-warning, Duration mute).
7. English only in CC (Short mute warnings, can lead to longer mutes).
8. Luring (Warning, Mute-warning, Duration mute, Ban).

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