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Sovark Price Guide

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Note:  This guide may not reflect prices 100% accurate prices. As Sovark continues to grow, the economy may have some changes. This guide will be updated as much as possible to keep up with the economy but it may not always be 100% correct. However it can still be used as a rough guideline of where prices are currently at. 

1.Low Tier Items
2.Medium Tier
3. High Tier
4. Rares
5. Skilling Items

Whip 10-15m
Dharoks 7.5m ea piece
Ahrims 7.5m ea piece
Kharils 7.5m ea piece
Torags 4m ea piece
Veracs 4m ea piece
Guthans 4m ea piece
Dragon Boots 5m
Fury 10-15m

DFS 25m-30m
Ranger Boots 15m
Berserker ring 5-10m
Archers ring 5-10m
warrior ring 3m
Seers ring 4m
berserker (i) 25-40m
archers (i) 25-40m
seers ring (i) 15-25m
warriors ring (i) 15-25m

Tenticale 20-25m
Trident 20-25m
Armadyl C Bow 100m
Bandos Chestplate 50mm
Bandos Tassets 75m
Armadyl Helm 25m
Armadyl Plate 50m
Armadyl Legs 50m
Torture Amulet 80-100m
Necklace of Anguish 80-100m
Blowpipe 150-200m
AGS 75m-100m
Other Godswords 35-50m
Primordials Boots 50-70m
Pegasian Boots 50-70m
Eternal Boots 50-70m
Elder Maul 100-150m


Party Hats 500m-750m
H'Ween Masks 350m-500m
Santa Hat 400m
Black Party Hat 750m-1b
Black Santa 750m-1b
Rainbow Party Hat 750m-1b


Dragon Axe 10m
Dragon Pickaxe 20-25m

Vote Tickets 250k-500k ea

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thank you for this bro keep up the great work with the server ;D

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