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Update Log 10/7/2019 -10/8/2019

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Update Log 10/7/2019 -10/8/2019
-Ahrims staff can now be used for auto casting.
-Void Mace can now be used for auto casting.
-Obisidan armour has been completed buffed and should have the effect on
all combat style npcs now.
- Mystery boxes, Ultra Mystery Boxes + will now have view loots that should
now send you to the forums to view their loots.
- Ultra Mystery Boxes & Regular mystery box & Super Mystery box will have the option to quick-open the box for a faster reward.
-All mystery box spinner exit buttons will now properly stop you if your spin is active.
-Champions cape is now wearable
-We have added 4 new cosmetics to the ultra box and donation store such as Attacker icon, Defender icon, Healer icon and collector icon.
-Vesta spear and vesta longsword now degrade and can buy back for 12.5m coins
-Vesta spear and vesta longsword now have the proper animation and special bar
-Recipe of disaster mini-game is now working.
-Added listing donator benefits, +1 listing for each rank upgrade.
-dice bag now has an animation roll
-dice bag now tells you the roll above the head
-You will no longer be able to plant a flower over a flower
-auto retaliate will now work correctly
-made bolt racks more common from karils
-hardcore ironman has been added to the hiscores logout
-Tournament cup has been added (still needs finishing touches)
-added a new command "::vials" that will allow you to turn off/on vial breaking after the last sip of a potion
-Fixed revenent healing.
-collection logs have now been added to the game, they can be accessed by going to the moneybag/search icon in the botom right and clicking on view collection log
-there will now be a 10 second countdown at the start of a tournament
-the hunter and cooking xp bugs have now been fixed
-a trading post glitch has been patched
-you can now drop items while in a tourney
-You should now be able to charge your bracelet up with ether
everytime you attack a revenant npc your ether will go down by 1 every hit, if you have no ether remainding you will now be able to attack a revenant with it equipted
-You can now check how much etherum you have in your bracelet by clicking the item option "check" on the bracelet.
-updated some of the global news messages
-updated a bunch of item configs to correctly display the item name.
-removed view loots on vote box
-added bank chest next to tournaments
-added a new item called "Break Vial Instructions" which can be found in the slayer shop, this items when used allows you to access the command ::vials which enables or disables smashing a vial after last sip

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